"Uh, Do Thay Have Some Good Hamburger Joints In St. Louis?"

I stopped really caring about pro football when it dawned on me that your average fan cared more about the game than those playing it. That being said, the Cowboys are done as long as that man is in the sideline. You readers are more motivated to click on Random Thoughts to see a hot girl than than the team is to play for him. Edit: And for the life of me I don't understand those that blame Jerry Jones. He's put a vast array of talent on the field - that's his job. Getting them to play is the problem. Edit #2: And this in Sports Illustrated today on Jerry Jones' spending: "[WR Roy] Williams' deal ratchets up the Cowboys' 2010 current cap obligations, with 33 player contracts signed, to $138.8 million, which is $27 million more than any other team in football -- and that doesn't include the monster contract due premium pass-rusher DeMarcus Ware early in 2009; he could become the highest-paid defensive player in football."