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I've Got To Go Buy A Car!!!!

Frank Kent in Fort Worth is throwing away money: As I write this, a share of GM stock is worth $5.33 a share (down from it's annual high of $87.00 a few years back. And if you think it's a good deal to buy GM right now, just go buy 250 shares and keep your car.


Anonymous said...

It's the end of life as we know it.

Anonymous said...

Good riddance!

Rudolph Russo said...

Tell them you would rather have the undercoating.

Rudy: Charlie, I broke my back getting you this deal. You know that...
Charlie: Fifty bucks never killed anybody.
Rudy: [pressing] You're not going to find another deal like this anywhere in town.
Charlie: Fifty bucks never killed anybody.
Rudy: [pleading] We shook hands on this... a deal's a deal.
Charlie: Fifty bucks never...
Rudy: [throws up his hands in mock disgust] Okay Charlie, you got it, you win - I'll see what I can do... But I'm telling ya, my boss sees these figures, he's going to have a stroke.
Charlie: [scoffs] What's he trying to pull? Fifty bucks never killed anybody.
Charlie: [Luke bursts in, red face and clutching his chest - Charlie panics] Okay, it's a deal, it's a deal! I'll sign! I'll sign!

Jarhead said...

"The big three killed my baby
no money in my hand again
the big three killed my baby
nobody's coming home again

Their ideas made me want to spit
a hundred dollars goes down the pit
30,000 wheels are rollin'
and my stick shift hands are swollen
everything involved is shady
the big three killed my baby

The big three killed my baby
no money in my hand again
the big three killed my baby
nobody's coming home again

Why dont you take the day off and try to repair
a billion others dont seem to care
better ideas are stuck in the mud
the motors runnin' on tuckers blood
dont let them tell you the future's electric
cause gasolines not measured in metric
30,000 wheels are spinnin'
and oil company faces are grinnin'
now my hands are turnin' red
and i found out my baby is dead

The big three killed my baby
no money in my hand again
the big three killed my baby
nobody's coming home again

Well i've said it now, nothings changed
people are burnin for pocket change
and creative minds are lazy
and the big three killed my baby

And my baby's my common sense
so dont feed me planned obsolescence
yeah my baby's my common sense
so dont feed my planned obsolescence
im about to have another blowout
im about to have another blowout"
~ The White Stripes

Anonymous said...

1:09 needs to go live in Korea.

Anonymous said...

So GM is dying a slow death. America cannot compete. Our workers live in air conditioned homes with all the modern appliances. American workers like the best food and the best clothing. We are materialistic. In many areas of the world where products are manufactured for export to America, workers live in shacks. They cook on wood stoves. You might say that they are where we were 100 years ago. In a world economy, free of protective tariffs, American workers cannot compete with all those hungry people in China, Mexico, India, etc.

Today Chrysler announced that they were laying off 25% of their American workers. That won't affect the assembly plant in Mexico City where my Dodge truck was manufactured. Thank you Bill Clinton and George Bush No. 1 for NAFTA. Thanks also for all the bubble pack merchandise made in China and sold at Walmart. Me love shopping for low prices. What we are seeing is an equalization or averaging out of wages worldwide. That means our workers will make less. Bill and George sold out the American workforce.

Since houses are too large to be built in Mexico and shipped in on rail cars we have another solution. We just open the border and bring the labor over here. Mexicans build the houses cheaper but the savings are not there. The illegal construction workers get free medical care. Their children get free education. They put a strain on our police force and our prison system.

Once we get the highway from Mexico up through Texas and north to the Canadian border, we can stop growing our own food because it will all come from Mexico.

A hard rain is go'n to fall. And so is the stock market. If Obama wins the market will crash. Where in the hell are the Democrats who historically supported the American workers. I think Kennedy (John, not Ted) was the last of that dying breed.