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Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • Man, the Palin/McCain/Bush skit on Saturday Night Live last night was funny. (Will Farrell came back to play Bush.) Link here. Watch it.
  • And it was even funnier because I flipped over from the Sean Hannity lovefest with Palin on Fox News to see it. I can't tell Fey and Palin apart.
  • Southern Baptist official compares birth control to murder. Is it OK that I refuse to believe that everything coming out of a pastor's mouth is directly from God?
  • Man, I feel sorry for the Dallas officer that struck the 11 year old while the kid was on a bike (in the middle of the road, unsupervised, at night). But the local TV stations had a tough decision as to whether to show the dash cam footage from the patrol car. Fox 4 put the footage on its website early in the evening. I watched Channel 5 later that night which decided to edit the tape so as to not show the collision. But Fox 4 decided to run the whole footage, unedited, on TV -- even this morning during breakfast burrito time. I bet they catch a lot of flak for that.
  • Sometimes I wake up a night, get a weird feeling, and lock the bedroom door.
  • I posted my world wide exclusive story of Miss Teen Louisiana getting arrested for walking a dinner bill and for weed earlier this week. We now have the mugshot.
  • There's a couple of bales of hay and pumpkins on display by the stop signs on the Decatur square. No one ever jacks with them.
  • I'll admit, most political nutcases tend to be on the left. But, man, this Obama thing has brought out the certifiable loonies on the right.
  • I'm hypothetically involved in holding the proceeds of a hypothetical friendly wager that some of you might be aware of. But, hypothetically, I'm not involved since I don't know what's in the envelope.
  • Hot sports opinion: Texas Tech loses for the first time this weekend.
  • I'm suspicious of anyone who always talks about how "wonderful" their life is. Come on, we all know its a beating.
  • It's too early to turn the home heater on.
  • Holy crap: Just saw a headline that said the "Dow futures drop 550, triggering selling freeze." The market opens at 8:30 a.m. local time.
  • I haven't been to Angelo's in Fort Worth in years.
  • An ATF agent shot and killed someone yesterday in Arlington. Somehow I picture a guy all dressed up in his fancy federal uniform that we bought him just waiting for the opportunity to shoot someone with the fancy gun that we bought him. The dead guy, thus far, does not appear to be related to the reason for the raid (drugs!!!!!!) of the Arlington apartment. Is there such a shortage of local police that we have to get the feds involved?
  • I heard the oddly named but great 1980s song "Big Country" by, uh, Big Country yesterday. Love that thing.
  • In the paper today: The Superintendent of Carrollton-Farmers Branch ISD got arrested for DWI a couple of months back. That misdemeanor charge will jeopardize her $285,000 a year job.
  • As a follow up to the Sexy Prosecutor Halloween costume, I've also discovered the Sexy Criminal Defense Lawyer and Sexy Judge. Hey, now.
  • My hair is getting long. I thought it was Brad Pitt in the mirror this morning.


Anonymous said...

Okay, I understand what the girl on the left is supposed to be. But what the hell is the girl on the right?

Anonymous said...

I am the hypothetical wager and the monies are on Obama to win the election. Good ole Denny Crane will be donating his monies to either Green Peace or a Planned Parenting clinic for un wed mothers. Or I just might spend it all on my CEO who needs another Executive bonus.

I think Denny deserves a standing "slow clap" for his efforts. How do you folks think I should spend the money.

Anonymous said...

"...I've also discovered the Sexy Criminal Defense Lawyer and Sexy Judge. Hey, now."

Please, just make sure you shave your legs before putting on the stockings, or the sexy judge costume wearer will throw the book at you!

"Sometimes I wake up a night, get a weird feeling, and lock the bedroom door."
Locking the door won't help. That weird feeling is your conscience, brother. REPENT!

"...great 1980s song "Big Country" by, uh, Big Country yesterday. Love that thing.
That makes at least two of us

"Man, the Palin/McCain/Bush skit on Saturday Night Live last night was funny. (Will Farrell came back to play Bush.)"
Yeah, it was okay. It was nice to see Ferrell as W again He does the best Bush impression, except for that guy who shows up on Leno sometimes. He has the mannerisms and really resembles him.

Happy weekend

Anonymous said...

Holy Crap!!
If you think Hannity and Palin were having a "Love-fest" then you would surely have to admit that NBC,CNBC,CNN,NYT,Charlie Gibson,Katie Couric and the View were having a fricking Orgy with Obama. Good lord man these people get the warm fuzzies down their leg for this guy. Give me a break! You should be ashamed for even trying to compare the two but I realize there is no shame coming from the left, we see it everyday in the media.

Anonymous said...

That Fox 4 video of the officer striking the child is absolutely horrific!! That poor family doesn't need to have their child's death video being broadcast on the internet!

I went to their "Contact" tab and submitted my opinion in the "Breaking News" category. As a parent, I think a lot of others should do the same. Such a tragic accident.

Anonymous said...

The Southern Baptist Thang...: "Hay Pop! Pass me them there scrambled chicken SOULS!"

Anonymous said...

Well it seems to me that if you follow the thinking of the obviously Learned Baptist Prof, then if a women is intentionally allowing one of her eggs to go unfertilized during an ovulation period, then that women is committing murder even if she is not actually taking a contraceptive. So everyone needs to get out there and screw for Jesus! To do otherwise is committing MURDER!

Anonymous said...

This "tragic accident" drives me nuts. The family has gotten an attorney and is probably going to sue for millions. What the hell was that kid doing in the middle of a heavy traveled road that has a posted speed limit of 40 mph at 7:40 at night? They first complained about the street lights being burnt out - even more reason to keep the kid off the road.

I hate cops and yes he shouldn't have been going that fast but damn, if the kid wasn't in the road he would be a live today. Put the blame where it belongs.

I also find it strange how parents who just lost a child can get on the news and talk after dealing with such a tragedy. I think I was more upset when my dog got hit than this father was.

Anonymous said...

8:30 a gun would be good idea, don't ya think? You'll need one in the if Obama wins.

Anonymous said...

855 if the kid could have heard the cop's siren from 100's of yards away he would have been out of the road. the cop is in the wrong by a preponderance of the evidence, the family will probably get around 5 million for the little shitass not minding them in the first place..!

Anonymous said...

If Obama wins the gun manufactures will be making millions. People will be buying guns like they never have because the one thing he will do as President is make sure you can't purchase one.
Remember, we have two to three Supreme Court Justices who are ready to retire and when and if he replaces them he will nominate those who know what it's like to be poor, black, gay and using "their" favorite word, disinfranchised. Screw the law, let's make it up as we go!! What crap!

Anonymous said...

If a teenage girl chooses abstinence (a form of birth control), should we try, convict and electrocute her for murder if she does not have sex and the soulful egg is allowed to die in the menstrual cycle?

Anonymous said...

Re Southern Baptist: I don't think he reflects the beliefs of the VAST majority of Southern Baptists--he's entitled to his opinion, but he's not "representing" the Southern Baptists.

Re Miss Teen Louisiana: She has that cheerleader look when they say, "Ready? Okay!"

Anonymous said...

Here's something I was just thinkin about a little earlier.

Anybody ever notice how the names Obama and Osama look and sound alike...hmmmm?

I can just see it now,me and the kids in Washington reading great names like Washington,Lincoln,Jefferson,Roosevelt,Obama...What Huh WTF!!!

No kids it just doesn't look or sound right does it.

Anonymous said...

9:42 what cave did you just crawl out of? I guess you don't know his middle name.

Anonymous said...

i hope the boy's parents don't get a dime for stupid parenting.

1. it's dark outside
2. your kid was riding a bike on a street which should not even happen in daynight
3. you knew the dam streetlight was burned out when you let your son ride his way to an early death.

cop sentence: killing a kid is a mental life sentence. TIME SERVED!

Anonymous said...

Sirens probably wouldn't have made a difference. If the cop didn’t hit him someone else would have. I think it goes back to bad parenting and they are going to be rewarded.

If I didn't love my daughter so much I would let her ride her bike out on 730 in front of our house after dark without her helmet. Maybe I can get a shit load of money when someone hits her.

Anonymous said...

I have a question. There seems to be this $250,000 threshold when it comes to the candidates tax issues.
Is that $250,000 net or is that what you or a business does in a year?
And let's say I or my company works its arse off and makes it to $249,000. Do we stop there because we're affraid of what might happen at $251,000 or keep going?

Anonymous said...

If he would have had his sirens on he would probably been going faster, and probably couldn't have avoided it then.

Anonymous said...

But what the hell is the girl on the right?

I can't believe you can see what she is:

She is the Democratic shit shoveler

The Prawn said...

The blog has become the bug zapper for the intellectually void.

Anonymous said...

Anyone know anything about the really bad firey wreck on 380 (close to Musleum cemetary) last night about 10:00? Details? Who? What happened? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I did early voting yesterday morning in Decatur and it took no time at all. I'm glad to have that out of the way - hope my phone rings with someone asking me to vote a certain way so I can say "I already voted - too late!!!"

Speaking of phones ringing, these people calling 4-5 times a day to get you to do a Wise County opinion study in November and will pay $125 do not know the word NO. Stop calling me.

Anonymous said...

nothing in the update, so i guess the wreck on 380 was after their bedtime.

good grief

Anonymous said...

I almost shot coffee out of my nose when I thought about BuBear and Uncle Billy showing up at my house wearing those outfits.

Double Fake Extended Family Member through Marriage, Twice Removed

Anonymous said...

Your long hair might make you look like a Pitt, but I'm sure it's more like Arm not Brad.

Anonymous said...

I vote 10:44 for president.

Anonymous said...

I so want to see Judge Cude in that costume. Hot Hot Hot.

Anonymous said...

"Anybody ever notice how the names Obama and Osama look and sound alike...hmmmm?"

OMG! It took, like, eighteen months for you to notice the similarity between those two names? You're probably the same goober posting lately about how Obama shouldn't get elected because of his name. Look, I don't intend to vote for him, but it has to do with his policies and politics. To say that he is not qualified or should be disqualified simply because of his name is a ridonkulous argument. (and in case you don't know, that means waaay beyond ridiculous) Try to straighten up your back a little so that your knuckles don't drag the ground. It will free up your mind and you will notice that the face of America has changed.
If you did just crawl out of a cave, could you find your way back to it, please? We'll seal you up in it, along with any stupid offspring you may have unleashed on the world.
Are you smarter than a fifth-grader? Forget that. You're not even smarter than a five-year-old!

See, Barry, this clown is the other end of the human spectrum. The one farthest removed from the Nobel physicist. If I happen to run across this moron, will you help with my justifiable-homicide Texas-defense of "He just needed killin', your Honor"?

Sorry, folks, end of rant

Anonymous said...

yall sure are a bunch of name calling mf'rs...!

Anonymous said...

man i love me some friday's, i always laugh when i think about how bush sounds like tush..ha ha..! me loves me some bushtush !

Anonymous said...

Birth control is not murder.
Abortion is murder.

Fox4 ought to be proud. Not every channel can stoop to such morals as they can. Everyone in local broadcast range is aware of the little boy being struck and killed. But, to exploit it on t.v. disguised as "news" so that his family can see him killed is below immoral. I guess rating DO have a price....self esteem.....

It was 34 yesterday morning and 36 this a.,m. What is your idea of "nippy"?

Did you say Brad Pitt....or Brad's Pit..???

Anonymous said...

I like Fridays because it reminds me when Joe Biden said during the primaries he would be honored to be McCains running mate. No, it's not a type-o, look it up.

I like Fridays because it reminds me of the fact Joe Biden is a millionaire x 2 and he gave a whopping $3600.00 last year to charity, yea, he cares.

I like Fridays because it reminds me of the money Joe Biden has received from the voters for his campaign and has taken 2.5 million of it for himself and his family, yea, he cares about the American people.

I like Fridays because it reminds me of the Democratic debates when Joe Biden told Obama the position of the President of the United States was not a time for on the job training.

I like Fridays because it reminds me of all the money Obama has received from donors to support his campaign. He's running through it like crap through a goose. The same way he'll run through our tax dollars.

And, I especially like this Friday because I voted. The pastries were a little dull but hey, I was there to vote. Come on November 4th!!

M-M said...

Yes, it is OK to not believe everything that comes out of any preachers mouth. In fact, everthing out of their mouths, regardless of the religion, should be questioned. When they can say in one sermon that God is in spirit form only;also that Jesus=God; and that Jesus was resurrected in physical form, heck yes questioning them is very appropriate. The whole premise on defining God alone is pure craziness let alone all the other doctrine.

RPM said...

9:54 you're a douchebag.

That is all.

Anonymous said...

Many early settlers in Colonial New England advocated Compulsory Education because they wanted their children to read the Bible themselves. They did not want the Catholic church or priest interpreting the Bible for them. Thus encouraging Freedom of Religion.

Anonymous said...

Truck driver killed in fiery Denton County wreck
Fort Worth Star-Telegram | 10/24/2008 12:45:00 PM

A truck driver died late Thursday in the fiery wreck of a tanker truck northwest of Ponder in western Denton County, according to reports.

The driver, Sean Eanes, 36, of Rhome, was identified by Trooper Lonny Haschel, spokesman for the Texas Department of Public Safety.

The accident was reported at about 10 p.m. near the intersection of U.S. 380 and Ripy Road, Haschel said.

Eanes, who was hauling water in the tanker rig, was eastbound on the highway, Haschel said.

But, he said, "for undetermined reasons, he crossed the center line and struck a trailer being pulled by a westbound Chevrolet pickup."

The tanker, Haschel said, slid down an embankment, and struck several trees in a wooded area.

"The cab of the semi caught fire," Haschel said.

The driver was pronounced dead at the scene, Haschel said. The man driving the Chevrolet pickup was not hurt.

Haschel said that the accident was still being investigated.

Waste Control Manager said...

8:22 She's a DEMOCRAT. Notice the shovel? That's for all the poop that keeps piling up within that party.

Anonymous said...

Did you hear "Fat Jack Left Atlantic " ?

Anonymous said...


That would be Phat Joe that left Atlantic.