Drudge Fear Mongering Again

He quickly toned down the headline and linked to the story. And that story indicates: - She was robbed at a bank - She had a McCain bumper sticker on her car but no where does it say she was a volunteer - She refused medical attention. (Edit: This new story calls her a McCain "staffer" but she's also a 20 year old Texan.) "Developing" indeed. I want to see a picture of the "mutilated" girl. Edit: Thanks to wordkyle, I found her picture which mysteriously is on some blog and not on some news web site. The comments there are interesting. Something isn't right. Edit #2: Thanks to bagofnothing.com, here's her Twitter feed. Edit #3: And a right wing columnist smells a rat. Edit #4: After 12 hours of thinking about it, I'm betting this girl is lying.