Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • I saw that 183 was shut down in both directions this morning in Euless. What a mess. But did you see that the three car wreck at 2:50 a.m. (which left one car burnt to a crisp) was in the westbound lane but a body ended up in the eastbound lane?
  • And after I heard an update about that wreck on the radio, I learned of a "fuel spill" in Paradise at "51 and 114".
  • Early voting was at a record turnout yesterday. I thought about saying, "That's not first time Republicans coming out in droves" and then, considering the Obama hatred in these here parts, I'm not so sure.
  • I saw one guy complaining that he had to stand in line for one hour to vote. Hoss, it's early voting. Come back some other day.
  • McCain's daughter. Hey, now.
  • I was jogging yesterday when a guy runs up besides me and starts peppering me with questions about distance, speed, etc. Man, I do not want to chit chat during a jog.
  • Texas v. Texas Tech will have a 7:00 o'clock kickoff in a couple of weeks. It's still to be determined whether it will be on ABC or ESPN.
  • I had a chance to go to the Ghostbar on Saturday. I decided the bang-to-hype ratio would be too out of whack.
  • I hate those John Cornyn commercials where he looks reflectively across the Texas landscape. They are well produced, but I hate them.
  • Heard word that a Decatur High School girl received a pretty severe electrical shock last weekend while at school. No serious injury, though.
  • Heard word that the shooting of a young woman in Wise County last week was self inflicted. Not confirmed.
  • The old Halloween movie was scary. I hate scary movies.
  • It's about time for all the celebrities to go to Halloween parties in crazy outfits. Good times. (Britney flashback.)
  • A cold front is coming in tomorrow. I predict it will arrive at 11:34 a.m.
  • An extremely hot 26 year old Arkansas anchorwoman was found severely beaten in her home. Coincidentally (????), she had a small role in the movie "W" which opened last weekend.
  • Grocery store self-check out power down yesterday: The lady in front of me decided it would be a good idea to hand each package to her adolescent daughter so that she could experience the joy of scanning.