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Three Things I Learned At The Courthouse

  • Apparently one of the few stop lights in Decatur got knocked down at 51 and Thompson and was then hit by a couple of cars this morning. Soon to be County Attorney James Stainton said he drug it to a ditch. I then shamed him for not taking a picture.
  • Since I am a superior athlete who has suffered and Achilles injury, everyone wanted to know if I saw superior athlete Misty May snap her Achilles tendon on Dancing With The Stars last night
  • There's a trial going on in district court that might involve sexual assault and child pornography. I'll give you an update later.
Edit: If someone doesn't win a Pulitzer for this news photography, then I don't know who will.


Anonymous said...

What REALLY makes you cringe when you see the video clip of Misty rupturing her achilles tendon, is you can HEAR it pop over an area microphone in the room!! OUCH!!

masonnmadison said...

Please post the clip for us non- dwts watchers, Thanks

Anonymous said...

What is that a picture of?

Anonymous said...

Joe Duty didn't take it....there's no blood and carnage.