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Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • The Tarrant County DA's office is trying a murder case this week when the body of the alleged murder victim has not been found. From a defense standpoint, those "let the jury get back there and figure it all out" cases scare me.
  • And in that case, the jury panel was asked if anyone had heard or read anything about the case. Only three people raised their hands. That reminded me of helping out in a worker's compensation trial (many years ago) on the day after the Star Telegram had printed a huge story entitled "Anatomy of A Worker's Compensation Case." We asked how many of the jurors had read it. The answer: Zero. (That kind of changed my perception of the public.)
  • Fox 4 weatherman Dan Henry led the broadcast last night by saying, "I'm involved in a chat session right now with the National Weather Service." Really? I wonder if the forecast was delayed because he had to answer the question, "What R U wearing?"
  • Drinking out of a water hose in the Texas heat is still good times.
  • Oh, and the above pic? It's the Dallas Stars' "Ice Girls". I had no idea they existed. (Thanks emailer who shall remain nameless so his wife won't kill him.)
  • Anyone who says, "I don't like drama" probably either (1) causes a lot of drama, or (2) perceives drama where there is none.
  • How Major League Baseball can't get its first round playoff games on any station other than TBS shows just how far baseball has fallen.
  • Anybody who listens to MSNBC's Jim Cramer deserves what they get. (This clip shows him yesterday on the Today Show saying that if you have money in the market that you will need in the next five years, to take it out now. And he says, "I don't want to say these things on TV.")
  • This country is a mess. On all fronts. I almost feel like Tommy Lee Jones' character in the Valley of Elah where he raises the flag upside down in the ending scene.
  • I think the guy that posts here about the end of the world coming on a certain date in 2012 is a nut.
  • I see a lot of parents that act like their children are more of a burden than a joy.
  • It's extremely rare that I ever have to take time to "clear my head" or "work things out with myself."
  • Man, if Obama wins I'm camping out the next day in front of the radio just to listen to the conservatives' collective head explode.
  • In another county this week, I saw a Sheriff's office car pull up to a convenience store and drop off what appeared to be a homeless man. Then the deputy drove away.
  • I wonder if something is bugging Tony Romo. And T.O. is acting like he's about to have another meltdown.
  • I like Kanye West's Love Lockdown.
  • I don't think pit bulls should be illegal, but if you have kids and own one then you are as nutty at the 2012 guy.
  • I'm not saying it's good or bad:
  • Leading sentence in a Star Telegram article today that I think is ridiculous: "New teachers may have a tough time finding jobs next year because more people are expected to compete for fewer positions, school officials said." Puhleeeeze.
  • Lots of headlines around saying that "Investors Should Not Panic." I'm not sure I've ever seen a headline that urged the opposite.
  • I think it is Channel 5 news that will occasionally have about six "financial experts" on stage who are there to "take your calls for free regarding your financial issues." First, that's a little broad, isn't it? And with all the nutcases and pranksters out there, don't you know those "experts" are getting whipped with calls that are either pulling their chains or downright creepy?


wordkyle said...

Obama's likely to win. The media's in his corner, the Democrat machinery works better on Election Day (and the night before,) and Republicans have not effectively communicated their message about Obama.

Obama will be the least-examined candidate ever elected -- if he wins.

Jarhead said...

Jim Cramer is a moron.

Anonymous said...

As to children--that's because they ARE more of a burden than a joy or blessing! :) If you had any, you'd quickly find that out!

Anonymous said...

Re: Drinking from a garden hose. Many existing homes still have a cut off valve on outside faucets that is called a "stop and waste valve" that allows ground water to flow into the stystem. Whatever bacteria are around the faucet can then end up in your digestive tract. I don't believe that building codes now allow this type of valve. However, they are still common in livestock barns. So watch what you are drinking.

Anonymous said...

"Chatty Cathy" needs to turn off italics - its's like one big quote. I guess I should count my blessings that she is USING ALL CAPS TO TYPE.

Anonymous said...

"I see a lot of parents that act like their children are more of a burden than a joy."
~They're not acting, brother. They didn't figure on the financial burden, the emotional toll, or the great amount of skill it takes. Yes, raising children requires skill if you don't want them to be a burden (for yourself OR society in general). The parents who don't possess that skill raise kids who can be more burden than joy.

"...Sheriff's office car pull up to a convenience store and drop off what appeared to be a homeless man. Then the deputy drove away."
~Geez, you wouldn't think a homeless person without a home (or car) would have a driver who drops him off at his non-home.

"I wonder if something is bugging Tony Romo..."
~Uh, yeah! He's got some no-talent harpie yapping at him about getting hitched, and he wants to stay a bachelor. He's young, rich, and the Cowboys' QB. Plow through as much as possible before settling down with that special someone who will eventually own half your stuff!

"I think the guy that posts here about the end of the world coming on a certain date in 2012 is a nut."
~Or that is just his schtick. I'm gonna go with that theory

Anonymous said...

If McCain wins I think I'll camp out by the radio/television and listen to all the Liberal pundits, CNN, MSNBC, CBS, Katy Couric, Charles Gibson, Tina Faye, Brian Williams, Matt Damon, All the Pooches from the view (except of course, for the lovely Ms. Hassleback), BIG OPRAH, and all the kooks say, "WHAT THE F...!!", where did we go wrong, we did all we could do for him. Then maybe the media and Hollywood elite will finally realize the American public is fully aware they (media and Hollywood elite) think we are all idiots and need their biased, rediculous opinions. Maybe they will finally understand there are far more of "us" than there are of them and it's time for them to sit down and shut-up. Of course they probably won't because they're so ignorant. Truthfully speaking, as if I haven't already, it doesn't matter who get's in office because they aren't in charge of "Jack-Squat". Obama will bring more taxes to us and business because that's how he will pay for everything and business will have to downsize because they can't afford the employeesw and taxes as well. One more thing, the Dems like to talk about the Bills McCain has not voted for but never bother to tell the reason. Reason, the Dems had so many ridiculous "ear-marks" and "pork" attached to those Bills he refused to vote for them. O.K., that's all for now. Sorry for the book. Have a great day!!

Anonymous said...

If Obama wins, I will still have to work tomorrow.

If McCain wins, I will still have to work tomorrow.

It is the same crowd that is backing both of them!!!!!!! The big boys own both of them.

The talking heads? They are just earning a paycheck and will have to go to work the morning after.

Anonymous said...

If Obama wins, the whole south's head will explore. And I will enjoy every minute.

Anonymous said...

"Investors should not panic" reminds me of Kevin Bacon's character in Animal House, screaming "ALL IS WELL! ALL IS WELL!" right before the rampaging mob runs over him. Someone get Bernanke a little ROTC uniform. Good times.

Anonymous said...

9:34, check a map. Obama may carry Florida and Virginia. Last time I checked, they were in the "South".

While you apparently weren't paying attention, the times ... they a' changed.

M-M said...

-Children are a lot of things. They require a lot patience, work, worry and pain, but they are at the same time a great blessing and joy and they bring a great deal of happiness. As I've grown older, I see how having posterity and giving them a legacy of some sort is part of the purpose of life and seems to make life more meaningful to me.
-I think what Cramer did was irresponsible. That's the sort of stuff that causes runs on financial institutions and people to panic.
-I learned yesterday that McCain has fully disclosed all his contributers and Obama has not. Why won't Obama disclose that information?
-I think baseball should end their season earlier. When baseball overlaps into the football season, with it's popularity, baseball can't compete.

wordkyle said...

934 - So what you're saying about the "whole south" is that they don't want Obama to win because he's black, right?

Bigotry and prejudice come in all forms.

That remark is the kind of thing that bothers me about the Obama campaign and its supporters. Any criticism of Obama is deemed "racist" in some way. Even the Associated Press is getting into the act. Close examination of their candidate seems to bother them. I wonder why?

Anonymous said...

Jim Cramer has created his wealth from knowing how to invest money to make money. If you want to call him a moron, Jarjar, then you'll have to at least call him a very wealthy moron.

gern blansten said...

Man, that link on wordkyle's post is so telling about the media today. Unfiltered liberalism disguised as commentary!
How can you liberals live with yourselves?

Anonymous said...

"...Kevin Bacon's character in Animal House, screaming "ALL IS WELL! ALL IS WELL!" right before the rampaging mob runs over him."

Katie: Officers! Officers! They're looting the Food King!
Boone: Come back! Come back and fight!
Flounder: Hey, Niedermayer!
Niedermayer's rifle: Blam!

Anonymous said...

i don't think obama will live to fulfill his term. he's got my vote, but i think he will be assasinated

Anonymous said...

An Obama win is in many ways a defeat for our country. Other than being less qualified than much of our population, he will be inept in dealing with the major issues of the day, in particular the terrorists. They will have the greatest of celebrations following the day a nut like Obama is elected. So Barry, you may get to see more than heads explode.

The Prawn said...

Turner Sports went out and paid alot of money to get baseball, so it's not really a big fall for the sport. TBS is carried on virtually ever cable/satellite system and the NBA playoffs do just fine on TNT.

For the record, TBS is paying $70 million per season for 7 years for the broadcast rights to Sunday games, the Divisional Series and the one of the League Championship Series. Nearly $500 million dollars total. Fox retains Saturday games, the All-Star game, a League Championship Series and the World Series. TBS and FOX will rotate the LCS each season, so this year, the ALCS is on TBS and the NLCS is on FOX.

ALCS starts Friday! Go Red Sox!

Anonymous said...

Bow season is open any one want to go hunting?

Jarhead said...


Here's a quote from Cramer: ""No, no, no! Bear Stearns is fine! Do not take your money out. If there's one takeaway...Bear Stearns is not in trouble. If anything, they're more likely to be taken over. Don't move your money from Bear! That's just being silly."

...and the video...

Cramer is first and foremost a TV personality. He did not get rich as an investor. He started a website, a TV show, etc. He is an attorney and a journalist. He ran a hedge fund that never turned a profit.

You've obviously confused personality with financial acumen.

Don't worry, you're not alone. lots of people get personality and substance confused these days.

That is all.

Carry on.


If obama wins be prepared to face a continual decline in our economy since it started downward in 1992 with clinton. why is it that william ayers is obama's best really should be asking why a man who hates america and everything it stands for is obama's career starter? honestly, educate yourself and do not depend on the media to give you what you think you want to hear. is THAT important.

The Prawn said...


William Ayers? Again? A self-admitted reformed radical for the 1960's that conservative groups have spent millions of dollars trying to tie to Obama to and they best they can come up with is a brief interaction on a charity board between the two.

If you are going to continue to regurgitate the William Ayers garbage then is is fair to ask what the hell is Sarah Palin and her husband doing associating with the Alaskan Independence Party and Joe Vogler? Vogler has offered the following quotes:

"The fires of hell are frozen glaciers compared to my hatred for the American government, and I won't be buried under their damn flag.”


"I'm an Alaskan, not an American. I've got no use for America or her damned institutions.”

Why did Palin record a speech for the Alaskan Independence Party's convention last March? Why was Todd Palin a registered member of the party until 2002?

Both Vogler and Ayers as American citizens can say and think whatever they want about this country. But if you are going to try to say Obama is evil for having a brief association with Ayers you cannot ignore Palin's association with Vogler. It's called the pot calling the kettle black.

...and don't get me started on Pastor Thomas Muthee...

oh and another thing...Clinton started an economic downturn??? Are you mentally challenged??? Go back and look at the state of the economy in 1992 compared to where it was in 2000 and where it is now. I'm not defending all of Clinton's economic policy but you are just plain ignorant for trying to blame the events of the past eight years and the economy on Clinton.

Republicans are the biggest lot of dense, kool-aid drinking, non-thinking people on the planet.

CAN YOU PROVE IT IN A COURT OF LAW? said... sound just like the ladies from the view. Just sayin...

Clinton forced affirmative action on freddie mac and fannie mae in 1992. That my friend was the beginning of the sub prime lending debacle that allowed the top three, AIG, BS, and Lehman to create PMI for each other without govt oversite. Many many politicians from both sides of the fence voiced concern over this kind of behavior and yet legislation to create oversight was voted down. Yes, my friend it did start with Clinton. The economic cycle is far to complicated to create results immediately. It takes years to filter down to where we stand today. Go back and track subsequent republican years after a democratic president or congress and look at the economic cycle and you will see times of prosperity that occur after the republicans leave office. And, of course the democrats always take the credit. You need to realize that republicans get up and go to work everyday and pay the taxes and take the business risks in order for this country to function. They understand the reality of life is to take responsibility for yourself. You take away free enterprise and "tax the rich"...then you may as well put a swastika on every forehead in america..because socialism is what you will get.


"Don't worry, you're not alone. lots of people get personality and substance confused these days.

That is all."


The Prawn said...

rats. pawned by a certain level of truth.

Jarhead said...

Wow. "The Prawn" has some anger issues.

Mr. (or Ms.) Prawn, please watch this video of your God, Bill Clinton. He doesn't mince words and admits that Democrats during his presidency, under his "leadership" didn't heed the call by Republicans in congress to tighten the regulatory reigns on FannieMae and FreddieMac.

Maybe it was overdubbed by the evil conservatives in the vast right wing conspiracy...

Also, I submit for your consideration this article from the September 30, 1999 New York Times (so it must be the truth).

I'll save you some time by quoting the most interesting part here, but I urge you to go ahead and read the whole article.

"Fannie Mae, the nation's biggest underwriter of home mortgages, has been under increasing pressure from the Clinton Administration to expand mortgage loans among low and moderate income people and felt pressure from stock holders to maintain its phenomenal growth in profits."

Also note the quote from Franklin D. Raines in the article.

We all know who he works for now, don't we?

And I think we can all agree that the sub-prime mortgage collapse was the domino that set this crisis in motion.

See, "The Prawn"? Successful arguments can be made without resorting to name calling ~ if one has the evidence to back up one's arguments.

Anonymous said...

Children reward us parents every day of our lives. Sure, there are hard times in raising children, but there are hard times in many things in life. Children are a blessing. People that don't have children don't understand just how much of a blessing they are. I have a sister that chose not to have children and I applaud her for that. If people don't want them, they shouldn't have them.

Anonymous said...

I wonder how many of you that are mouthing about Obama and McCain and the democrats and the republicans are actually registered to vote.

Anonymous said...

Anyone voting Republican is this election is a special kind of stoopid.

You should just be quiet, because all that stuff you say sounds so ignorant.

I will take my chances with Obama. I know he is intelligent and a scholar. I know he worked hard to earn a Harvard Law degree with honors and rather than securing a high income position, he chose to give back to his community.

I also know that McCain finished almost last in his class at the Naval academy and Sara Palin can not complete a sentence without being coached by a professional debate team.

Anonymous said...

How come when I go to a resturaunt, I always get put in the screaming ass kid section?

wordkyle said...

Dear Prawn,

Barack Obama and William Ayers were closer than simply "a brief interaction on a charity board."

* Obama started his political career at a get-together in Ayers' home in 1995.

* Obama served with Ayers on the Woods Fund for three years.

* Obama and Ayers appeared on a panel on juvenile crime in 1997. The University of Chicago panel was organized by Michelle Obama.

* Ayers selected Obama to be the chairman of the Annenburg Challenge, where Obama served for eight years.

Since Obama wants to emphasize that he was 8 years old when Ayers bombed the Capitol and the Pentagon, let's look at what Ayers said in a 2001 article: "I have no regrets." You can see Ayers standing on an American flag here.

More than a "brief interaction." Obama has not come clean on his close association with Ayers. He responds by professing to hardly know the man. That clearly is untrue.

I guess we're to accept that -- like his association with his pastor of twenty years, Jeremiah Wright -- Obama simply didn't know anything about Ayers. So what exactly does Obama know?

Anonymous said...

4:35pm: CEO's are in my office on a regular basis. Most are well educated, some are just hard nosed business people who attended the school of hard knocks. Interestingly both have a difficult time balancing their checkbooks. Most agree that education is a significant marker; I would say it is essential for most all CEO/CFO/COO positions. Please review mr. obama and mr. mccain's work rather than just seeing an educational resume and ear-tickling speak. After you've educated yourself, then vote.

wordkyle said...

435 - First, if you want to call someone stupid, you should spell it correctly -- if you can.

One point: if Obama didn't secure a "high income position," how is he now living in a $2 million mansion? Could it be his association with Tony Rezko, indicted for fraud and bribery?

I daresay that even though Obama didn't secure high income employment, he appears to have done very well financially.

Jarhead said...

4:35 knows what the men on the TV tell him to think.

That post is as dumb as a Republican calling Obama a Muslim or bitching about him not putting his hand over his heart during the PoA. Seriously. Logic like that is just country-ass ignorant.

4:35 is repesentative of the people who are putting our politicians in office!

Smart people of the world! Unite! You have nothing to lose but an Idiocracy run by the likes of 4:35!

Anonymous said...

Hey - JARHEAD I didn't vote for Bush and Cheney!! YOU Did! You and other Republicans are the ONES responsible for our wondeful politicians; 8 years of a Bush administration and 12 years of a Republican 'country LAST - Wall Street First' congress. I have nothing good to say about Pelosi, but before you rant about this Democratic Congress, the Dems do not have a 2/3 majority required to veto-proof a bill. Therefore, Repubs & Bush don't let anything go thru. Just so you can say "those Dems do not get anything done".

I do not need to list all of the failures of the Bush/Repub years. You know what they are. You are just in denial.

5:00.... When I examine McCain I see that he voted with Bush 90% of the time. Nuff said about it. I am sick of it all.

Anonymous said...

5:57pm. To paraphrase: Your solipsistic view of history requires you to vote for "change" ?!

Indeed, we are in trouble.

Jarhead said...

Hey, 5:57:

I hear there's a vacant Fairbanks city bus in the Alaskan wilderness. Maybe you could go there to get away from it all...

Rumor is the berries that grow around the bus are yummy!

Best of luck!

Anonymous said...

"I see a lot of parents that act like their children are more of a burden than a joy."

Heh, don't have kids do you Barry?

Anonymous said...

While your slagging each other over which candidate stinks worse,and the congress debates who pisses harder on the ground...2 trillion retirement dollars were being flushed in the wrong peoples pocket!I can't remember seeing that as an action item on the bailout agenda?Out of the gate aig has a half million dollar party after their 85 million dollar bailout...I hope I get invited to all the parties after the 700 billion dollar bailout???

Partnership for a corruption free America.

i'm uncle fester, and i approved this message

Anonymous said...

8:43, you make teachers' jobs more and more difficult as the days go by.

Anonymous said...

I've killed 3 pitbulls running loose on my land the past 6 months.
Why do trashy people see a pitbull as a sign of strength?

Anonymous said...

"Obama will be the least-examined candidate ever elected -- if he wins".
Bush was at least the not-least-examined candidate ever elected, but he was the least-don't have the savvy-everybody knows it-he's a dumb ass-but he is popular-McCain would be the better choice- and we are voting for Bush anyway candidate elected.

Anonymous said...

Sorry nine-O, you must not be a real Republican like me! Our Candidate's name is not Bills McCain, it is John McCain! It is dumbhead conservatives like you that make the rest of us hard-core conservatives seem really(correctly spelled) Stupud!

wordkyle said...

1026 - ummm, right....

So, in your own special needs kind of way, you're endorsing McCain?

Look, my point is that a presidential candidate's outlook and character matter. Thomas Sowell gives the example of Reagan's handling of the air traffic controller strike, and the impact it had on the Russians. That action showed them his outlook and character.

Obama has mesmerized so many people that his outlook and character have not undergone any serious scrutiny outside of the Conservative media. Why not?

Much can be inferred from the alliances he's had. Frank Marshall, famous Communist; William Ayers, famous terrorist; Jeremiah Wright, known for his anti-American tirades; Tony Rezko, indicted for fraud and bribery. These are not people who he simply brushed up against; these relationships lasted for years.

Questions, questions. Obama needs to answer some questions.

Anonymous said...

On December 21 2012 we'll see who the nut is.

Anonymous said...

Not endorsing McCain. But, McCain was the best Republican candidate for 2000 and Bush Inc. slayed him with propaganda and mud. McCain was the Republican candidate I was hoping for the be the Republican choice. If McCain had been elected, at least it would have been like we really had a real President. Not a Jerry Mahoney. Of course, Republicans would vote for Jerry Mahoney if he was the candidate selected, just like they selected W. McCain was painted as a sorry brainwashed SOB by the Bush/Cheney/Rove killing machine in 1999. Why is McCain so good now? He was not fit to be prez in 2000, but by some miracle, he is now? His Mooselim running mate does not make him more qualified, it just enhances the stupidity of Republicans and their Jerry Mahoney choices for Vice-President also.
Sometimes you are funny. Not most of the time, like Bush Bull, but sometimes.