Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • Pacman Jones got into an altercation in a bathroom with his body guard at a Dallas hotel the other night. From the news reports I've heard it involved Ludacris being around, Pacman being shirtless, and broken mirrors. I call that a good night.
  • It happened at the Joule hotel in Dallas which I had never heard of because it's not on the Interstate next to a Comfort Inn. But I looked up some pictures of it and discovered it's got a cool rooftop pool that extends over the sidewalk and has a glass wall.
  • I really like the Tulia book I'm reading (uh, listening to.) Now I have a desire to drive out to the town just to look around - but it's 308 miles away (says The Google.)
  • I wonder if parents are still naming their boys "Dakota"?
  • Just heard on the radio about a motorcycle wreck on 121 in Fort Worth.
  • I get complaints about all the political comments that show up here.
  • Hey, I know I've got a problem with homophones (look it up) but I type this junk pretty quickly at 7:00 in the morning.
  • The local car lots in Decatur seem to have less cars in them than in past years.
  • One of these years I'm going to go to New England in the fall. I guess the leaves will be turning in the next three weeks.
  • I'm glad Sarah Palin was late to the national scene. That voice is beginning to get to me.
  • I monitored most of the sex abuse/child porn case in the courtroom yesterday with posts on my Twitter thingy. I think I'll do a separate post about it later.
  • People aren't either sane or crazy, but it's a scale. If 100 is completely normal and 0 is bat arse nuts, there are lots of people in the 50s and 60s out there.
  • There's a guy with some land off of 380 as you are going into Jacksboro who is always flying an OU flag. I'd think he'd catch lots of grief for that.
  • I understand wanting to be President but would you really want to be President right now?
  • I predict Hugh Hefner's death in the next 12 months (sometimes I just get visions like that.)
  • FDR's New Deal was pretty much creating projects which created jobs and then payed people to do those jobs. I'm not sure how much was spent, but I bet it wasn't close to the $1 trillion bailout we've just seen.
  • And I mentioned a few weeks ago that This American Life's "A Big Pool Of Money" provided the best explanation of the mortgage crisis that I ever heard. Well, they have a new podcast out this week that describes what in the heck happened over the last three weeks that caused everyone in government to fear a collapse. I never thought a program about the "commercial paper market" and "credit default swaps" would be interesting but it was easy to understand and fantastic. Get it here. Trust me on this.