Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • I mentioned a sexual assault/pornography trial going on yesterday and it makes the front page of the Messenger today.
  • I mentioned a mock execution in Nacogdoches, and it makes Fox 4 News.
  • Coincidence? Probably.
  • Former Cowboy Larry Brown sold his Super Bowl ring for $23,000 on eBay?
  • I'm with everyone else, that "my friends" mantra coming from McCain can get to you after a while.
  • I may go to a Halloween party. Women have about a billion crazy outfits they can wear. Guys, uh, not so much.
  • Stood behind a guy in a convenience store line this morning who was spouting off hot opinions about how he wasn't going to vote because, "I really don't have any good choices." The clerk then agreed saying he had watched the debate, didn't like either one of them, and wasn't "going to vote for stupid." Yep, that was coming from the convenience store clerk working the morning shift.
  • Headline indicating your life has gone horribly wrong: "Ex Mr Gay UK 'killed and ate dinner pal in cannibal horror', court told"
  • Debate thought: Just because you are surrounded by a crowd that can only ask pre-approved questions and is not aloud to react does not make it a "town hall" meeting.
  • Debate thought #2: Tom Brokaw needed to take charge of the timer. If there was a one minute time limit, shut them down.
  • I wonder if you will ever be able to control and dictate your dreams. That would be cool.
  • I'll probably get to Fair Park on Saturday before 8:00 a.m. for the 11:00 a.m. kickoff. Maybe I'll take pictures of carnies.
  • The mere thought of the NBA starting up powers me down to no end.
  • I noticed that Obama sat on the stool last night in kind of a cool position while McCain was talking. You know, I bet his handlers worked on that. If I'm in charge of him, I'd get one of those stools beforehand and rehearse different sitting positions.
  • I presume the stock market has bottomed out. Of course, I thought that two weeks ago when I decided to back that thought up with a check. Edit: It opened down 213 in the first minute this morning.
  • There was a very cantankerous Newark woman on the witness stand yesterday in the trial in Decatur who didn't seem remotely intimidated by her surroundings. She was loud, confrontational, and full of down home country witticisms. But the funniest moment was when, outside the presence of the jury, Judge Fostel overruled a Motion for Mistrial after she said something allegedly objectionable. After the ruling, she immediately boomed a "Thank ya, judge" (like she had made the same ruling in her mind) and then proceeded to begin to explain why he was right. "Hold it!" Fostel said, shutting her up. "I don't need any praise. "