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I'm Insane Now

That crazy little Mexican is back. I missed her, er, him, er, not sure. And "Machine" makes an appearance at the end. Waste time if you like train wrecks. I did.


Anonymous said...

Unrelated rant
I have this cousin who is crazy as hell. I started reading her blog which is mainly about homeschooling her 7 kids (three that she adopted from Liberia and one Hispanic and 3 ‘homegrown’), herbal medicine, and being a helpmeet. All topics in which I have not interest. Really I was just reading it for entertainment value but then it became like watching a car wreck. You didn’t want to look but you couldn’t help yourself.
She did a 4 part blog on ‘Why I Hate Doctors”. She has an underactive thyroid and wants to take Amour thyroid instead of Synthroid and was having a hard time find a doctor that would rx it to her. She asked me on more that one occasion if I could recommend someone for her. I finally referred her to one of my dear friends from medical school. I never heard anymore about it. Then she puts part three of her blog… with the following quotes:

“I've been reading How Doctors Think, thanks to a recommendation from Renee. It is so enlightening! The theme of the book is the mistakes doctors make when they fall into mental traps, making snap judgments to drawing premature conclusions. Cognitive errors happen when a doctor isn't focused on their patient.
About a month ago, I visited a new doctor. In telling her my issues, specifically adrenal fatigue, she leaned back in her chair and sighed: "Adrenal fatigue is the diagnosis du jour. Most people that think they have it, really don't." Then she didn't ask me any more about it.”

Blah blah…” Again, she leaned back in her chair and sighed. Then she went on to teach me a lesson:
"Doctors are not WalMart. You don't go in and tell a doctor what you want. If you had an accountant taking care of your budget, and you repeatedly told him that you wanted him to do it a certain way, he'd eventually quit."

Now, I wanted to say: This accountant works for me, right? I hired him to do a job for me, so it's perfectly reasonable that he should do the job how I want him to do it. Afterall, it's my money he's handling.

I didn't say that though. I shut down mentally while she labeled me "noncompliant". I then paid $150 for that disappointment and walked out trying desperately not to cry until I got to the car.

In a later blog, she referred to her as Dr. This Ain’t no Walmart. I sent her a private email and ask if Dr. Walmart was indeed my friend. She refused to answer and said “I am sure she is a good friend and a competent doctor’

I have been fuming about this for a week. Of course, I have completely sworn off her blog and refuse to look at it again. I just think it was very rude and inconsiderate of her to bash my friend on her well read blog knowing that I would know it was my friend. I don’t care that they didn’t mesh as doctor/patient. I am sure that it will be hard for her to find someone that will agree with her kooky ideas anyway. As evidenced by her 5-7 doctor shopping spree that she is currently on to find the doctor without ‘problems’.

Anonymous said... sympathies. My mother (RIP) was a hypochondriac. She moved from doctor to doctor, because they would eventually bust her. She was doing that shiate ever since I was little, and luckily, the internet wasn't around, so she couldn't quickly webmd her way into the "diagnosis du jour".

Instead, she bought medical and drug books by the score. After she died, I threw them all away........there were bookmarks after bookmarks noting symptoms and ills, and she had written notes about how they related to her in the margins. It was horrific.

It got really hard to get her to her "new" doctor as she she eventually wormed her way in to one of those electric wheel chairs, quit walking and got so fat she couldn't get out of bed.

I feel really bad about all the money Medicare wasted on her.

Anonymous said...

Just another night at Wordkyle's house.

onmyway311 said...

What a horrifying video! Thanks, Barry. I will have nightmares tonight.

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Ditto on the WTF

Anonymous said...

This post brought out all of the insane people. WTF

Anonymous said...

Well Well - is that Bill Bass on the wall in the background? I think it is!

Jarhead said...


You're insane.