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Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • We're in an economic crisis, the stock market is falling in a shocking manner, but everyone seems to be going on with their daily lives and buying as much junk as they always have. I can't find a soup line anywhere.
  • There's a roach in my trash basket. Just heard him. Creeped me out. He's trapped. I wish ill will upon him.
  • I'll try to update tomorrow from Texas/OU with some cell phone pics.
  • I remember my first college roommate bragging to me that he had spent a whopping $25 on a scalper to get into the Texas/OU game his senior year in high school. And I thought there is no way I'd ever pay such an outrageous amount.
  • I can't believe I'm telling you to take 10 minutes and watch Wade Phillips press conference from yesterday in wake of the Pacman "controversy". It was shockingly comical. It's like he's never dealt with a hostile press before, and I still say the Cowboys will never win it all with that guy at the helm.
  • I don't think Luke or Owen Wilson can act. At all.
  • There's an airshow at Alliance this weekend. Back when I used to play golf two years ago, I played on a Sunday afternoon at that hotel across from the Speedway. I remember being buzzed all day by the low flying Thunderbirds during the airshow.
  • I can't imagine being a high school teacher in the metroplex.
  • The stock market has dropped 40% in the last 12 months. But the fundamentals of our economy are strong. In all seriousness, this collapse has been a sucker punch to the McCain campaign.
  • For some reason, one Wise County JP takes forever to get to the jail for arraignments so that newly arrested folks can have a bond set and get out of jail. Ridiculous.
  • Video going around yesterday: McCain/Palin supporters.
  • Last night I dreamed I was a defensive back who was trying to guard a gal who was outfitted in goth and could run like the wind. After that, it got really weird.
  • By the way, the attorney in the sexual assault/child porn case was court appointed. I felt sorry for him since he had absolutely nothing to work with.
  • Man, this episode of Fox 4's Tell It To Tim is funny.
  • Last night the Tarrant County Sheriff's Office raided a bunch of "8 liner clubs" on Jacksboro highway and seized over 300 slot machines. What a time waste.
  • Is there anything that instills less confidence in the economy than when President Bush talks about it? He offered a gem yesterday when he said, "the United States will take strong action in dealing with the current economic situation." Ohhhhkaaayyyy.
  • Other child porn case tidbit: I heard that the guy turned down a 20 year plea bargain offer but I haven't verified that.
  • I didn't know that the 13th Amendment, which abolished slavery, specifically said that slavery is an acceptable punishment if a person is convicted of a crime.


The Prawn said...

I saw that McCain supporter's video you a warm fuzzy feeling about being an American.

wordkyle said...

Yep. A lot of the comments made by the McCain supporters in that video are stupid, all right.

Pretty comparable to the stupidity exhibited by Obama supporters when you ask them to list what Obama has ever accomplished that makes him qualified to be President. But you don't get much good video of silence.

Anonymous said...

The economy is not that bad. When un-employment hits 20-25% that is bad. It is just a correction. I have been waiting for it to happen for several years. The government has kept it propped up by lowering interest rates and payouts to the tax payers. It was a bubble and it had to pop. The bigger the bubble, the bigger the pop. A lot of people have been living beyond their means and this is a good thing. I pulled out of the market several years ago and can’t wait until it hits bottom so I can get back in.

Anonymous said...

The Economic situation in this Country, at present, has been somewhat of a "sucker-punch" to McCain thanks to the liberal Democrats in Washington. Now you liberals don't get all "pissy" just look at the record. What I am more concerned about is the fraud that has taken place in Ohio, Missouri,Nevada and now Houston, Texas, involving ACORN. ACORN said early on there would be fraud, yes, they even admitted it. They also came out, again early on during the campaign, and said they were backing Obama. They were supposed to take any individual wanting to vote to the polls but were only taking Democrats. Not to mention they would tell them to vote for Obama. They (the voter) was also asked if they were voting for Obama before they could get a ride to the polls. This was found when a number of College students were doing research, went out and taped and recorded these interviews. The Obama campaign has also given $800,000.00 to ACORN and Obama has represented them in the past as their attorney. Another side note, one reason the first "bail-out bill" did not pass is because someone in Congress had slipped in a ton of money assigned to ACORN. Yes, it's on the record, look it up. However, it was removed. Does anyone think there is something a little "fishy" here or is just me? No matter if you are liberal, conservative, Republican or Democrat I believe someone needs to be concerned with the fact that not only is our economic system is in disarey but out political system as well. This should be just as great of a concern because if this isn't addressed, you won't have to worry about economics. You will however need to concern yourself about another civil war in this Country.

Anonymous said...

You know, I'm not really impressed with her. She almost looks deformed. Skinny everywhere but up top, weird!!

Anonymous said...

Regarding yesterday's post on the sexual assult conviction. When the conviction assesses a "fine", who is the fine supposed to go to, the victim or the state?

Also, I wonder how often the fine is paid by someone hauled off to prison.

Just trying to get my internet law degree.

DF Racehorse

Anonymous said...

Let's give equal videos about Obama supporters. You'll see a lot more of this if Obammy is elected.

wordkyle said...

Is it any wonder that Republicans react strongly when they know scenes like this are happening all over the country?

(No more Liberal screams when we call Obama the "Messiah"!)

Anonymous said...

I dont think Barry Green can practice law, at all.

Double fake Wilson brother

Anonymous said...

I think corporate America should be raided, for forcing people to gamble with their retirement.

mmmm,that slavery thing could work..force the criminals to be a productive member of society instead of living off the working people.

I wish uncle fester was running for president this year at least he has acting experience.

Anonymous said...

The Wilson brothers Rock and make a good amount of money acting. That they happen to be from Texas and are very nice on the eyes makes it even better. You should post Luke & Owen on your HEY NOW......and give us all something real to look at! Put on your cute glasses and enjoy....

Anonymous said...

Un-checked greed! We have to find a balance between good regulation and chocking regulation. There's the $64 question.

Anyone seen the breakout of how much of the foreclosures mess is investment properties and second/vacation homes?

Anonymous said...

wordkyle - that is scary

jp said...

"I don't think Luke or Owen Wilson can act. At all."

I totally agree. In fact, I think Wes Anderson has been held back because of Owen.

On another note, does anyone know how this economy will affect lawyers? In some areas, in all areas?

Anonymous said...

I don't know about Luke Wilson, but I LOVE to watch any movie with Owen Wilson in it. He's hilarios!

Anonymous said...

Barry, why would you want the JP to arrive promptly? You know they're guilty or they would'nt have been arrested!

Double Fake Henry Wade

Anonymous said...

The current national economic failure is a direct result of Republican deregulation policies. It just does not work and this is proof. It is fascinating that Republicans refuse to see it.

The Republican Party is exactly like the Tobacco Companies. If they say what people want to hear, people will follow that illogical path until the end.

Tobacco Co: Listen, my friends, tobacco does not harm anyone. Many people smoke daily and do not have cancer.
Repub: Listen, my friends, deregulation, does not harm anyone. Gov't oversight will slow business growth. The market will correct itself.

Tobacco Co: Smokers are so much cooler than those nerds that don't.
Repub: Republicans are the moral fabric of society. Liberal democrats are amoral criminals.

Dying Lung Cancer Patient: Cigarettes are not unhealthy. It is my right to smoke if I want to.
Republican voter: Republican policies are the best. I am free to starve to death living under a bridge if I want to.

Anonymous said...

hmmm. Wonder why McSame is no longer bragging about how well his surge worked? Could it be because those fighting just moved to Afghanistan and fighting is worse than ever?

"Yes, My Friends, that surge really created everlasting peace. "
Only now, we are at war in Iraq, Afghanistan AND Pakistan. Great solution McBush. Great leadership.

Better be talking about Obama's connection with someone that did some crazy thing when Obama was 8 yrs old. That strategy would work better than truthfully saying "we are losing the war AND the campaign"

The Prawn said...

Vote McCain/Palin. Because hate-speak and inciting violence is a really good plan.

Anonymous said...

Aren't you getting paid a hefty hourly wage by your client to wait for the judge? Just wondering.

Anonymous said...

There's a lot of people sitting in prison with many years to go wondering why they didn't take the "Deal".

wordkyle said...

1123 - So, you, as a Democrat Obama supporter, are saying that America is losing in Iraq? I want to make sure that we all understand exactly what you are saying: America is losing in Iraq. Did I misunderstand your message? Given that so many people -- including Obama -- concluded that the Surge did work, that would be quite a statement on your part.

By the way, your putting the quote in quotation marks does not make it real. McCain never said the surge created "everlasting peace."

AS FOR OBAMA AND WILLIAM AYERS: It's not what happened when Obama was 8 years old.
* It's Obama beginning his political career at a 1995 get-together in Ayers' home;
* It's Obama and Ayers working together for three years on the Wood Fund;
* It's Obama and Ayers serving on a panel in 1997, a panel organized by Michelle Obama;
* It's Ayers selecting Obama to chair the Annenburg Challenge, where Obama served for several years;
* It's about Ayers being unrepentant about his domestic terrorism, a stance he took in 2001;
* It's Obama trying to pass Ayers off as just someone "who lives in my neighborhood."

The question Americans have that still remains unanswered: Who the hell is Barack Hussein Obama? (I'm not counting Obama supporters who clearly believe that Obama is the Messiah.)

wordkyle said...

Hey Prawn -- insightful and well thought out, very nice.

How about some examples of the "hate-speak" and "inciting violence" that McCain or Palin have advocated? You must have plenty of examples, otherwise you would come across as simply another know-nothing Liberal insult-monger.

Which I'm sure was not your intention.

Anonymous said...

Texas is one of the few state's to even have JP's. It's not the JPs job to punish them but set their bond. I don't even think it's truly an arraignment, just a bond setting, unless it is a class C misdeameanor. Yes, the JP should arrive early so that the jail employee's can get the one's bonding out out of the cells for more arrest, family isn't waiting all day, business can be handled during normal business hours, banking, get to their jobs, (so they can pay for their own defense)... Mary Motsenbocker was at the jail at 9:00 am sharp daily. Sure miss her. Things just go more smoothly when there is a set time. Officer's always tell the arrested that they will see a judge in the morning, then everybody wonders why and keeps calling because it hasn't happened.

Better yet why doesn't Wise Co. just have pre-set bonding for common charge's for DWI, DWLI, Theft, Assault.... If their intoxicated make them wait 4 hours.

Anonymous said...

Keep hammering, Wordkyle.
Love it!
(not said facetiously or tongue-in-cheek)

I'm anonymous and I approve this message

gern blansten said...

well, I see wordkyle has his faithful hammer Mjolnir out and is slapping around the liberals again.

Rock on!

Anonymous said...

amen on the JP waiting game....

Buckwheat said...

Is that "Wordkyle" or Turdpile"?

mzchief said...

People need to ask themselves the question; "What is it about Barack Obama that attracks people like:

Khalid al Mansour
Michael Pfleger
Jeremiah Wright
Mousa Abu Marzook
Louis Farrakhan
George Soros
Mazen Asbahi
Tony Rezko
Rashid Khalidi
Ahmed Yousef
Edward Said
Ali Abunimah
Bill Ayers
Bernardine Dohrn

and remind themselves that birds of a feather do indeed flock together.

During the primaries Obama declared he would accept and run his campaign on public funds. However, when it proved to Obama's advantage to do otherwise Obama ignored his promise to the people. What do you bet, should Obama become POTUS he will ignore many of the promises he has made during the election?

Obama is not just a little corrupt, Obama is the definition of corruption.

Anonymous said...

Ba-zing Wordkyle! Well said.

Anonymous said...

Prawny - go back to your dirt hole and off this blog!

Anonymous said...

Louis Farrakhan say's Obama is most certainly the "Messiah".

If Farrakhan is a "Pro- Black-Radical-Muslim" and Obama "turned" from the Muslim faith to embrace Christianity, the "Religion of Whitey", why would Farrakhan be embracing Obama? Why hasn't he said Obama has sold out to Whitey or Obama is an Uncle Tom. I don't get it. Is he supporting Obama strictly because he's black? Is he supporting Obama because he (Louis) is not really a Muslim? Is he supporting him because Obama still is a Muslim. Is he supporting him because Obama is a not only a super Liberal but a Black Radical? Look folks, if your a Muslim you are not big on Christianity, remember, we are the infidels. So, which one is it? If Louis Farrakhan thinks Obama is the Messiah, that should be reason enough for people not to vote for him.

Jarhead said...

There you have it folks.

Wordkyle is the first person to ever accuse The Prawn of actually thinking!

Then he sent his ass straight to the Romper Room.


Mental P Mama said...

The stock market has dropped 40% in the last 12 months. But the fundamentals of our economy are strong. In all seriousness, this collapse has been a sucker punch to the McCain campaign.

You clearly haven't ant friends or family East of the Mississippi. Come visit.

Anonymous said...

All you you liberals just might as well quit going head to head with Word. Like his fans always point out about how savvy he is and that, Just like Rush, he is always Right. Word is a MasterdeBater! He is so good at MasterdeBating, Word can MasterdeBate while standing on his head in a corner, with half of his mind tied behind his MasterdeBating back. Everyone should fear Word in a MasterdeBating contest. So just quit trying. Word will always win. And besides that, if Word gets tired of MasterdeBating, one of his many fans will always step in to give him a helping hand.

Anonymous said...

WordKyle is flexible. If he had a minnow and earthworm stand at the lake, and not expousing words of political wisdom in argument form, he would be a fisherman's friend. A MasterBaiter. Wordie is a professional.