Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • We're in an economic crisis, the stock market is falling in a shocking manner, but everyone seems to be going on with their daily lives and buying as much junk as they always have. I can't find a soup line anywhere.
  • There's a roach in my trash basket. Just heard him. Creeped me out. He's trapped. I wish ill will upon him.
  • I'll try to update tomorrow from Texas/OU with some cell phone pics.
  • I remember my first college roommate bragging to me that he had spent a whopping $25 on a scalper to get into the Texas/OU game his senior year in high school. And I thought there is no way I'd ever pay such an outrageous amount.
  • I can't believe I'm telling you to take 10 minutes and watch Wade Phillips press conference from yesterday in wake of the Pacman "controversy". It was shockingly comical. It's like he's never dealt with a hostile press before, and I still say the Cowboys will never win it all with that guy at the helm.
  • I don't think Luke or Owen Wilson can act. At all.
  • There's an airshow at Alliance this weekend. Back when I used to play golf two years ago, I played on a Sunday afternoon at that hotel across from the Speedway. I remember being buzzed all day by the low flying Thunderbirds during the airshow.
  • I can't imagine being a high school teacher in the metroplex.
  • The stock market has dropped 40% in the last 12 months. But the fundamentals of our economy are strong. In all seriousness, this collapse has been a sucker punch to the McCain campaign.
  • For some reason, one Wise County JP takes forever to get to the jail for arraignments so that newly arrested folks can have a bond set and get out of jail. Ridiculous.
  • Video going around yesterday: McCain/Palin supporters.
  • Last night I dreamed I was a defensive back who was trying to guard a gal who was outfitted in goth and could run like the wind. After that, it got really weird.
  • By the way, the attorney in the sexual assault/child porn case was court appointed. I felt sorry for him since he had absolutely nothing to work with.
  • Man, this episode of Fox 4's Tell It To Tim is funny.
  • Last night the Tarrant County Sheriff's Office raided a bunch of "8 liner clubs" on Jacksboro highway and seized over 300 slot machines. What a time waste.
  • Is there anything that instills less confidence in the economy than when President Bush talks about it? He offered a gem yesterday when he said, "the United States will take strong action in dealing with the current economic situation." Ohhhhkaaayyyy.
  • Other child porn case tidbit: I heard that the guy turned down a 20 year plea bargain offer but I haven't verified that.
  • I didn't know that the 13th Amendment, which abolished slavery, specifically said that slavery is an acceptable punishment if a person is convicted of a crime.