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Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

- Javelin through the knee. (Thanks emailer)
- Oh, yeah. Anybody remember that Terror Threat Level Chart Thingamachig. As someone pointed out to me, has it every gone above yellow in the last few years?
- Lots of hub-bud about the lady who was shot at Northpark Mall in Dallas because it was "perceived as a safe area." Uh, is that code for something else?
- I'll say it for the hundreth time: Fox 4's Becky Oliver is one harsh woman. And what does she do for most of the year? She normally only shows up on our televisions yelling at someone once every three months or so.
- But man, Becky's report last night had some gold in it. Especially when a female (who just happened to be African American), and wearing a hoodie, carrying a dog, and sporting a couple of lost front teeth yelled: "Get off my property, beeyotch!!!"
- Random family lawyer.
- Funny one minute clip of the highlights of the great Charley Steiner on ESPN. Man, that network could use some more of that.
- I've been alerted for the last two years about "Speedo Man" in Decatur. Apparently some guy not far from the courthouse mows his lawn in a Speedo - a practice that I might adopt.
- Saw a guy at the grocery store yesterday wearing an Oklahoma Sooner cap and an Oklahoma State T-Shirt. That was Logo Chaos and a very bad look.
- And I'm pretty sure I saw two tall teenagers walk out of that grocery store with a bottle of ketchup without paying. That kind of pissed me off - but I wasn't sure. I had a reasonable doubt.
- Some guy from the Boston Red Sox threw a no-hitter last night. And if he is still with this gal, he is the luckiest man in the history of ever.
- The Nintendo Wii Fitness system looks like a great idea.
- I've had two people I trust tell me at the courthouse that they know of an individual with Wise County ties who has paid in excess of $3,000 after being pursued by the RIAA for illegal downloading of mp3s.
- Edit: An idiot prosecutor from Houston takes a shot at "Nigerian Lawyers".
- Edit: Check out these pics from another idiot at the Preakness. Fail.