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Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

- Saw on the news this morning of a mom running over her two year old in the driveway. I cringe about those stories more than any others.
- In every state which is historically redneck, (West Virginia, Kentucky, Texas, etc.), Hillary just kills Obama.
- Saw Sen. Robert Byrd on the Senate floor yesterday lamenting the condition of Sen. Kennedy. Byrd looks to be in worse condition that Kennedy.
- Sean Hannity telling every caller "You're a great American" - when he has no idea who that person is - drives me insane. And I bet he cashes his check laughing about how he just panders to the masses and tells them what they want to hear.
- Dallas County will do forced/search warrant blood draws on DWI arrestees over the Memorial Day Weekend. Every goes nuts over this, but it's been an viable option for as long as I can remember - it was just never utilized.
- But the blood draw does have this backfire effect: In 99% of the breath test refusal cases, there is never a blood draw via a search warrant. In the past, the prosecutor could argue to the jury: "He refused to give you a critical piece of evidence!" Now the defense can argue, "The police failed to get a search warrant for his blood when they've done it hundreds of times in the past."
- I remember when the Colonial Golf Tournament was one of the greatest events of the year.
- Former KVIL DJ Ron Chapman has been filling in for Paul Harvey for weeks. And although Harvey's radio broadcast is basically nothing more than rehash of news we've already heard, I bet Chapman gets that gig permanently.
- Yesterday the Dallas Morning News released the post-arrest affidavit in the Prestonwood Baptist Church "I'm Gonna Drive A Krillion Miles To Have Sex With A 13 Year Old" Pastor Case.
- And speaking of that guy, did "To Catch A Predator" never cross his mind?
- And speaking of the Morning News, says here the daily copy will jump to 75 cents next week with the Sunday edition going to $2.
- Question that came up yesterday in the courthouse: I wonder who holds the record for the most marriages by a Texan?
- Second question that came up: Is the proposed Brookshire's in Bridgeport more like Albertson's or more like IGA?