Holy Cow!!! (Kinda)

If you've been around these parts for a few years, you will remember the Collin County case where Michael Blair was convicted in 1994 for the death of little Ashley Estelle and given the death penalty. (I remember being in DFW Airport when the verdict came down.)

This afternoon, the DA for Collin County issued a statement that he can no longer assert in good faith that Blair had anything to do with the girl's death and will seek to overturn the conviction. (Nice timing since the Rule of Thumb to avoid bad publicity is to release the bad information on Friday afternoon.)

The "kinda" above is simply because Blair has apparently been convicted of other crimes and isn't going anywhere. Still, for a jury to convict a man and sentence him to death on evidence that was as good as a warm bucket of spit is amazing.

Hey, the next time you're on a jury and the judge tells you to find a defendant not guilty if you have a reasonable doubt about his guilt, listen!