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Random Monday Morning Thoughts

- 95 people have already died in tornadoes in the United States this year.
- 900 students "buried" in a China earthquake this morning.
- The death toll in Myanmar has risen to 28,000
- "Carrollton's new mayor says top priority is ridding city of illegal immigrants."
- I'm overwhelmed with "Good Will Towards Men" this morning
- I scraped my knee. It takes a lot of bandages to keep gauze on a knee.
- I didn't care much about the Jenna Bush wedding (she seems very bland), but I did find it interesting that the caterers of the rehearsal dinner didn't know who they were catering for until less than 24 hours before the event.
- The first Groom/Bride dance was to this song and the first Father/Daughter dance was to the painful Joe Cocker song of "You Are So Beautiful To Me."
- Brandon Davis, the guy in the Sergeant Carter hat who was running for mayor of Rhome, received 25 votes.