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We've Got More Injustice!!!!

Obviously, school officials are not familiar with a little old document called the United States Constitution which, the last time I checked, guaranteed every American the right to dress provocatively (as recognized by the Supreme Court in Electric Boutique and New Orleans Nights v. Decatur, Texas I.S.D.) The ACLU and I shall march upon the administration building until this injustice is cured.


Anonymous said...

I didn't know they let black folks live in Sugarland, know, that place where Tom DeLay comes from.......this girl just doesn't jive with all those Stepford wives.

Anonymous said...

Barry, bless your middle aged heart, if this girl was your daughter, would YOU let her out of the house for prom dressed that way?

This isn't about the constitution or being liberal - it IS about being sensible.

This was a girl who wanted attention, and knew just exactly how to get it, via the news media and this blog.

Well now.

Anonymous said...

Girl, dat ho lokk fine as a mufu in dat dress. chit theys just doing dat cause she black.
Mines man says he'd pop if he's got a chance wif a ho dat looked like dat.

Anonymous said...

Educational distraction - schools have authority to decide - upheld in the courts - you lose. Pass a law that says, losing attorney pays court fees and judgement - frivolous lawsuits disapear and morons shut the hell up and conform to society - everyone is happy (except the societal misfits). Win-win!

Anonymous said...


Wait til it's your daughter and then tell me how much you like the restriction of freedom.

Condoleesa said...

I thought the dress looked pretty good if not exactly appropriate for a Prom.

Anonymous said...

To 7:50 - Amen
Just because you can doesn't mean you should.

Anonymous said...

Yes, and the little girl will sue the ISD folks after she is raped because they didn't protect her!

Reving up the engine while holding down the brake........something has to give and usually does!

Prom night is the most exciting/depressing night of an ISD person's life. The kids feel good about themselves and it shows.
Good to see. That some mothers paid money for their daughter to be undressed like that makes you understand why Rome fell.

Anonymous said...

look like hooker to me.
thats what i want for my redneck daughter. lets grow up to be crack whores

Anonymous said...

Where the hell is her mother? I would like to slap her. You don’t buy a dress for your daughter that says here look at me, I am a whore. And if she buys it without you, you damn sure don’t let her out of the house in it.

She shouldn’t have been let in. Prom is still a school function and the dress code still applies to all school functions. It is usually less enforced than at school but that is taking it to the extreme. When I first heard this story I thought yeah she paid for the ticket she should either get a refund or get to go but after seeing her dress I don’t know how she expected to get in.

Anonymous said...

Let me ax you sumpin. could she wear dat dress hereah in wise county?

Anonymous said...

A little duct tape would have solved this problem.

Double Fake Tim "the Toolman" Taylor

Mr. Mike Honcho said...

Sugarland = Stepford Wives? Ummm... I assure you there are plenty o Blacks in Sugarland.

And watch the video... notice how the "un-lady" had the upper straps scrunched mighty mighty narrow for the prom pic, but then for the self-righteous news interview the straps are their full intended width.

She wanted attention, and she is probably stupid enough to think the kind she got is good.


Anonymous said...

Alright, let's get to some factual information here.

The constitution says nothing about dressing any way you want to. Point it out to me. The constitution makes no such provision allowing people to just do whatever the hell they want.

If people could do whatever the hell they wanted, people would be raped unhindered in the streets.

We have laws in place to prevent one person's rights from trampling the rights of others.

Your freedom to wear something/nothing, shouldn't impede on my rights to be able to walk down the street without seeing your nekkid ass, coochie, or whatever other genital that you think I want to see.

Secondly, the girl was arrested and escorted off the premises because she got into a confrontation right there at the door.

Besides her being a complete dumbass, thinking they would let her in, in a miniskirt and no panties - she began to cause a scene, which in turn was disrupting the event.

See, other people have rights too jackass. Not just you.

If you want to get your rocks off looking at under-aged girls, join a friggen pedophile club.

In the meanwhile, prom is not a strip club or a go go dancer parlor.