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Ralph Hardy On Fox 4 - But We Have Issues

Tonight, Fox 4 News did a story on Blog Hero and Legend Ralph Hardy. Below are some screenshots,and we learned the following:

(1) There are no hookers in Newark - an assertion which can seriously be questioned.
(2) Court Clerk Amy Cromer (below in burnt orange) is a rising star in city government and could easily surpass a few "Hey, nows" that have heretofore been posted. (Edit: OK. Don't even try to make comments about, uh, stuff. Not gonna post 'em.)
(3) Lari Barager must hate me. She made reference to about three blogs but Liberally Lean didn't get a single mention. Nothing. Nada. Maybe it's because I referred to Megan Henderson as the hottest girl in local news. Maybe it's because she's been wronged by someone else and taking it out on me. Developing . . .
(4) Franklin Miller has proclaimed himself the "go to guy" for Newark for any and all information. Franklin could have been my BFF if he had said, "Yeah, I know Ralph. He's a playa." (And he had the very funny line last night of, "If there were hookers in Newark, I'd know it.")