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Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

- "Kaptain Robbi Knievel" will jump a bunch of Hummers at the Motor Speedway next month. Saw him on the news last night - dumb as a box of rocks.
- A" longtime priest of the Catholic Diocese of Dallas resigned Tuesday from his new post at St. Michael the Archangel Church in McKinney amid complaints about his past participation with an Internet site for gay priests." That sentence makes my head hurt.
- But I think the Baptists need to trick up their church names a bit. Maybe, the Mark the Disciple of Jesus Immersed in the Jordan Baptist Church of Flatwood.
- Our jury cards used to have potential jurors fill out their religious affiliations. Baptist was oftentimes spelled as "Babtist" by lots of folks.
- The Rangers are 13-5 over the last 18 games. Don't get your hopes up. And from the number of empty seats on television, not many people are.
- "American Gangster" is very good but not great. But I'm not done with it yet.
- I've rented "Grizzly Man" again so I can once again enjoy the magic.
- The government told us last month that one of the girls taken into custody from the FLDS was a minor and pregnant. Now they say "Uh, nope. Our bad." Government incompetence or Government lies. Take your pick.
- Various local newscasts were covering people camping out to get season football tickets for Southlake Carroll this morning. Why don't they take some of their gold bullion and build a bigger stadium?
- Speaking of Southlake, heard one local church gave out a gift certificate last Sunday to a high tone spa in Southlake.
- The presidential election will be interesting. Will America put aside years of racism to elect a black man or will it settle for a George Bush third term? But it was funny to see the right wing go nuts two days ago when McCain spoke against "global warming."
- Google Maps, which I love, is incorporating real estate listings. To see it even in the Decatur area, go here and click on "show search options" at the top. It's far from complete,