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My Trip To Newark

For some reason, I decided to run in a 5K in Newark this morning. Not sure why. Random observations: (1) Nice people at the Seven Hills school that sponsored the event.. Although I had an awkward moment when I was greeted by a nice lady who wanted to know my name, and I replied "Barry." She responded. "Ok, Barry Green." (2) Didn't see the lady from the city court that made it on Fox 4 the other day. (3) That school is very nice. (4) The run was a little odd in that they sent you down three different roads and you had to do a U-turn and come back. (5) I had to dodge a three legged dog. (6) I had to dodge a pack of dogs. (7) At one point, three horses were running beside me on the other side of a fence. (8) I think I came in fourth. But third was a little girl. Seriously. And as I came to the finish line, I was finishing strong. And then, suddenly, I was passed by a guy who had more self-confidence and swagger than any man I had seen before. His name was . . . Ralph Hardy.