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Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

- Two more Fort Worth motorcycle deaths
- I don't know why conservatives freak out over the concept of nationalized health care. Everyone I know thinks it's reasonable for their HMO to pay more on their behalf than they pay in each year. And to a great extent that happens. With employer's passing along the high insurance premiums, that's closer to socialized medicine than insurance.
- I've begun reading H.G. Wells' The Invisible Man. Edit: As a commenter pointed out, I should read Invisible Man by Ralph Ellison. Sadly, that is what I intended to download from iTunes. I'm an idiot. Who would have thought two famous novels would have the same name?
- I probably agree with the Libertarians more than anyone else. But yesterday they announced that Bob Barr would be the party's presidential nominee. That is completely stunning. He's been a conservative nut job all his life.
- Why was Tony Romo throwing out the first pitch at a Cubs game? There's something just not right about that guy.
- A client reminded me of the Rock Island Railroad company the other day. Hadn't thought of that since I saw the cars rolling through Bridgeport when I was in my baby diaper.
- There was an unassisted triple play in the Major League last night. Every time I see one (assisted or unassisted) it takes me a while to figure out what happened.
- Apple says all the iPhones are gone fueling rumors of a next generation device. Sheesh. I got mine a couple of months ago, my law partner got his two weeks ago, and I've heard the Wise and Jack County probation officers got a fleet of them two weeks ago.
- Someone commented under the "prom dress" post below that everyone just needs to "conform to society." Puhhhleeeeze.
- Pretty amazing photos coming out of China after the earthquake, but I'm surprised they have "counties" over there.
- The potential Decatur restaurant smoking ban is insane. I hate smoking as much as the next guy, but it's incredible that government can tell a local business owner how to run his business. If he/she wants to allow smoking, let the market determine whether that's a good idea.
- After a brief Supreme Court interruption, Texas is back in the Death Business. Eight inmates are scheduled to be killed by the government by the end of August.
- Speaking of death, a dog on a Formula One racetrack is not-a-good.
- Edit: Violent New York newscast F-Bomb.