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Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

- Two more Fort Worth motorcycle deaths
- I don't know why conservatives freak out over the concept of nationalized health care. Everyone I know thinks it's reasonable for their HMO to pay more on their behalf than they pay in each year. And to a great extent that happens. With employer's passing along the high insurance premiums, that's closer to socialized medicine than insurance.
- I've begun reading H.G. Wells' The Invisible Man. Edit: As a commenter pointed out, I should read Invisible Man by Ralph Ellison. Sadly, that is what I intended to download from iTunes. I'm an idiot. Who would have thought two famous novels would have the same name?
- I probably agree with the Libertarians more than anyone else. But yesterday they announced that Bob Barr would be the party's presidential nominee. That is completely stunning. He's been a conservative nut job all his life.
- Why was Tony Romo throwing out the first pitch at a Cubs game? There's something just not right about that guy.
- A client reminded me of the Rock Island Railroad company the other day. Hadn't thought of that since I saw the cars rolling through Bridgeport when I was in my baby diaper.
- There was an unassisted triple play in the Major League last night. Every time I see one (assisted or unassisted) it takes me a while to figure out what happened.
- Apple says all the iPhones are gone fueling rumors of a next generation device. Sheesh. I got mine a couple of months ago, my law partner got his two weeks ago, and I've heard the Wise and Jack County probation officers got a fleet of them two weeks ago.
- Someone commented under the "prom dress" post below that everyone just needs to "conform to society." Puhhhleeeeze.
- Pretty amazing photos coming out of China after the earthquake, but I'm surprised they have "counties" over there.
- The potential Decatur restaurant smoking ban is insane. I hate smoking as much as the next guy, but it's incredible that government can tell a local business owner how to run his business. If he/she wants to allow smoking, let the market determine whether that's a good idea.
- After a brief Supreme Court interruption, Texas is back in the Death Business. Eight inmates are scheduled to be killed by the government by the end of August.
- Speaking of death, a dog on a Formula One racetrack is not-a-good.
- Edit: Violent New York newscast F-Bomb.


wordkyle said...

You link to Barr's book about the Clinton impeachment to indicate that he's a "conservative nut job." Maybe you should have read the reviews there first. The lone negative review is based solely on Clinton-worship.

And Bill's not even popular with Democrats these days, is he? Aren't all the Democrats who matter on the Obamatrain now?

"Nut job." Snort.

Condoleesa said...

Please stop and think for a minute. You know what it is like to say get a drivers license or do anything that is run by the government. Do you really want that type of service for your medical care? Personally, I would rather pay and get the doctor I want and the quality of service I expect without long waits, and government red tape. Can you imagine trying to get diagnostic tests approved if the government is having to pay for them?

Anonymous said...

Can you take an honest look at what you say? It is ironic that in one paragraph you are against market concepts and in another for market concepts.

You have a lot of maturity yet to achieve by realizing how much you don't yet know.

Ah, youth, when one thinks one knows it all.

Anonymous said...

People cry of socialism when referring to universal health care, but they don't complain about having public schools. If you don't want socialist programs, abolish the public school system!

And the iPhone thing has been months in coming. O2 in the UK and Europe ran out a month ago. Apple usually has a yearly refresh cycle on these kinds of things. Plus, their World Wide Developers Conference is in June, when they'll release the 2.0 software update. The beta versions of 2.0 have had 3G references, and last week a 3G on/off switch appeared in Settings. Not really a big deal, because AT&T doesn't have 3G service out here. And 3G will absolutely kill the battery (hence the on/off switch). The best things to come down the pike will be the Exchange sync, and all iPhones will get that.

Anonymous said...

I agree that smokers should be able to light up in an resturant...........but not near me

So why can't there be a smoking section with incredible exhaust systems that smokers can pay for with higher prices on their meals in that section.

Let 'em smoke, but not ruin my meal.

And a footnote......don't increase my health insurance premiums for them either. Let them pay for thier own added cost.

Anonymous said...

Why don't we have socialized lawyering. I'll bet you lawyers wouldn't think it was such a great system if you couldn't rape and pillage the public.

Anonymous said...

Barry, we finally agree on something. That would be the smoking ban. I agree with the ban in public places but if I don't like the smoke at Chili’s then I don't go. They can decide how bad they want my business not the City of Decatur.

Anonymous said...

National health care is a bad idea. The government can’t manage anything else; why would you want them to run the health care system. Look at how the VA hospitals are ran. The problem with health care is the cost. I’m not sure what has caused the cost to go up so much but I took my son to the emergency room for six stitches and the cost was over $1,000. The doctor was older than dirt, slower than Christmas but he (or the company he works for) charged $450. I have a high deductable plan (so I can afford to have insurance) so this came out my pocket but for most people their insurance just pays it or Medicaid pays it.

Anonymous said...

Socialized medicine just like all the other social programs will be a major catastrophy. Lets face it food stamps, unemployment, indigent care, social security all need major work regardless of who is at fault. If we don't start now then we will just keep falling farther into the downward spin.

Anonymous said...

Ah, public schools. Another example of a failed government program. Give me my tax money back and my kids are in a private school tomorrow.

wordkyle said...

808 - Actually, the public school system is a perfect example of how socialism/"universal healthcare" works (or doesn't.)

1) There is no standard to measure performance of teachers (government employees.)

2) There is no accountability for poor performance. The ones who pay are the students (patients/customers.)

3) Teachers unions fight ferociously against any form of competition that points out their shortcomings (vouchers, school choice.)

4) Every school system has a bloated, overpaid bureaucracy whose real purpose is to perpetuate their phony baloney jobs.

5) If you believe teachers unions and the education PACs, every problem with poor student performance is to be solved by throwing money at it -- rather than holding teachers or school administrators accountable.

Socialized healthcare will exacerbate the problem Liberals scream about now -- those with more money will always receive better healthcare than those without money. They also receive better legal advice, drive better cars, and take better vacations.

So why remove incentives to allow more people to make more money? Or provide incentives for people to make less money? Unless the objective is to make more people dependent on the government for everything.

Anonymous said...

socialized health care would not only creat another massive gov. program and creat terrible health care at an huge expense to the workers in the nation, but it would be turning over control of approximatly 1/7 of the entire economy to pinheaded postal workers and politicians. they will be the ones deciding who gets care and who doesnt.
i just worry that this many americans are willing to trade that much freedom for a so-called free system.

any program that includes the word "social" or "universal" should scare the living hell out of any freedom loving american.

Anonymous said...

Who cares about arguing over these social issues.

I want to know who the chick is in the picture.

Anonymous said...

Folks don't stop to eat in Decatur because the restaurants are so smoky.

Banning smoking might be a mild inconvenience for a few, but if's also good for business.

Anonymous said...

dang barry, if you were in diapers the last time you saw the Rock Island cars you must have been potty trained at about 15 at falls creek

Anonymous said...

well dumbass if a smoking ban is so good for business why dont the business owners do it instead of it being forced on them by a government whose only business is taking away freedom

Anonymous said...

Hey Barry. You should put down the science fiction book and pick up Invisible Man by Ralph Ellison.

It's one of the best American novels ever IMO.

Anonymous said...

Studies are showing that banning smoking is actually working to help convenience people not to start or to stop. The problem with smoking in any public place is that the people who work there are exposed to passive smoke. Not everyone has a college degree with a lot of options on where they work. Tobacco smoke is deadly and is a blight on humanity. Tobacco companies and that industry deserves to be knocked down every way possible. You are just wrong as hell on this one Mr. Green.

Anonymous said...

Romo is from Northern Illinois, thus the Cubs connection.

I said, 'thus'...LOL silly me...


lovelit said...

A smoking section in a restaurant is like a peeing section in a pool...both are rather pointless. Smoke at home.

Michael Moore's "Sicko" portrayed socialized medicine as the greatest thing ever in France, Canada and Great Britain. I don't know, though...I think the U.S. has too many people for it to work properly, and Wordkyle makes some very valid points! Moore...the
21st century's Karl Marx.

RPM said...

Anybody catch the irony of a Chiropractor suddenly quoting AMA opinions? This is the stupidest thing I've heard of since the last Rhome City Council meeting.

Anonymous said...

RE: the pic

I don't know about Nuts, but she's definitely qualified to win for melons.

RE: public health care

I have a buddy from Canada (eh) which has public health care. He says no one uses it because it takes forever to be seen by a Dr. Instead, people go to private Drs.

RE: Tony Romo

He is NOT from IL, he is from Burlington WISCONSIN and he grew up a Cubs fan. He did go to college at Eastern IL.

PS He can't sing for s***, personal opinion

Double Fake Cliff Clavin, Jr.

Anonymous said...

I guess you didn't notice the blurb in the Messenger today about the Decatur Post office:

"POST OFFICE CONSTRUCTION - The Decatur Post Office's drive-through mail collection lanes will be closed this week while construction crews expand the lanes and widen the mouth. Customers can use a snorkel device to place their mail in the boxes during the construction or go inside the building."

Anonymous said...

Wow Wordkyle, if I didn't know any better I'd say you hated teachers. That's too bad, because I'm one, and where I work we have a lot of great ones, and even some not so great ones. Did you get a decent education or are you a drop-out failed by the system you seem to hate so much? Do you have children in public education, or are they failed by the system, too? Are you attending board meetings, writing your administrators to change, talking to your local board members? I sure hope so! If not, get busy; it's time!

wordkyle said...

620 - I adore teachers! I am also involved in my kids' school and know teachers, administrators and board members personally. I have also tutored illiterate adults. I've walked the walk.

I'm aware enough to know that my own personal experiences are not necessarily representative of the education system as a whole. If you have evidence that students are as well-educated as they have ever been, I will admit my error. On the other hand, the headlines regularly show that American students are falling further and further behind.

Pair that with the resistance of teachers unions to any sort of measurement of their competence or teaching success, and you have the "socialized" results which I compared to nationalized healthcare. Throwing money at the problem has definitely not worked. I'm open to being convinced otherwise if you can show the flaw in my reasoning.

Anonymous said...

Wordkyle - you state the problem. I'm open to your suggestions a to how to fix it. Please share with me, this blog, your administrators, board members.

I agree with you - kids are not as educated as they ever have been, but I think that depends on what school you look at, and who its leaders are.

Locally, I'd welcome some sort of accountability. Yes, the headlines paint a grim picture, but I'm not worried about that. I'm worried about my own children and what lies ahead of them in the years to come in my own community.

Please help locally - it's really all we have the capability of doing at this point.

Seriously, join a campus or district team, run for the board, anything - we could use your help.

Anonymous said...

Stick with H.G. Well's version. Ralph Ellison's is a waste of time unless you are a guilt-filled, white liberal...umm, nevermind.

Anonymous said...

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Prior Occupation
Chamberlain had been unemployed for 13 months prior to arrest.
Prior Prison Record
Summary of incident
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Race and Gender of Victim
White female

January 14, 2008

Darrel said...

A national health insurance plan is not for people like you and I who can afford coverage. It is for the millions of Americans who can't. People are dieing everyday because they are uninsured. You really don't own the road.

Anonymous said...

you know, in 43 years i have never heard of one person die in the US because they werent treated. heard of alot that died because they were mistreated but never because they didnt have insureance.
find me a news clipping or story somewhere and ill check it out but i think the bodies would be piling up somewhere if the problem was that bad.

wordkyle said...

Darrel - although you say a national healthcare plan is not "for" us, it would be compulsory for us to either a) participate in it, or b) pay for it.

As for the "uninsured who are dying," the federal Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act requires hospitals and ambulance services to provide emergency care to anyone regardless of citizenship, legal status or ability to pay.

While I agree that we should help those in need -- which we already do -- must we also provide healthcare for those who choose to buy toys and shiny objects with their money rather than obtain medical insurance?

A Conservative Freaking Out said...

Darrel: So the solution is to reduce the quality of care "for you and I..."? Believing that "our gov won't do that to us" is sticking your head in the sand.

Barry: I know you've read, and probably discussed with others, many of the opponent's reasons, and are not convinced. Ok. I am shocked, however, that it is not a red flag, in fact, a deal-killer regarding your support for nationalized health care, that one of the things the gov will do when it is implemented is to remove personal liability for their work from the healthcare providers. They will legislate away from consumers the protection of a malpractice law suit. I'm not making a snide lawyer joke. I know that you know what that means to consumers when the gov does that, and they WILL do it. It was included in Hillary's commission's proposal during Bill's first term. How OUR gov will do nationalized healthcare is not a mystery. The model that has been in place, and will continue to be used, only widened in its scope, is that used in military, public health clinics, Vet Admin, county indigent care, etc.
You are, across the board, so critical of, and cynical toward, the gov (and I agree), why do you think increasing their involvement in our health care will be a good thing?

Darrel said...

I don't have it handy and am not inclined to look for it but a recent news article reported those with insurance were more likely to survive cancer. And yes people are dying from lake of medical care. You yuppie descendants really don't understand what it is to choose between a visit to the doctor or food for the family.

Darrel said...

I know how bad the government handles things but I refuse to turn my back on humans in need. How do you suggest we treat those less fortunate?

wordkyle said...

darrel - First, I hope you're not referring to me when you say "you yuppie descendants." (I don't know what that means, but it sounds bad.) I come from very very humble beginnings.

Those who have to choose between a doctor's visit or food for the family are the ones I don't mind helping. However, if they have a better TV than I do, drive a nicer car than I do, dress in better clothes than I do and go out more often than I do, then I don't see why I should be doing with less so that I can pay for their medical coverage.

And if you want to speak in touchy-feely platitudes about "those less fortunate," I'll respond the same way: I'd rather give someone a hand up than a handout. Give a man a fish, etc. In other words, provide incentives for people to improve their lives themselves, and remove incentives that encourage them to become more dependent on government.