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Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

- Channel 5 did an alarmist "Date Rape Drug" story last night: Jane McGarry says "never put your drink down."
- Law and Order in some ways is kind of silly. Saw a defense lawyer, right in front of his client, ask for a plea bargain from the prosecutor last night and then accept it immediately. Ya might want to ask your client about that, hoss.
- John Edwards endorsed Obama yesterday. I think endorsements have no impact whatsoever - unless some nutcase endorses you. Uh, I endorse John McCain.
- Anybody found the Versus network yet?
- Check out the title bar at the very top of your screen.
- Every newscast last night warned me of "Crazy Raspberry Ants." They use their dead to build bridges, or so Channel 5 told me this morning. Do they scream, "Tonight we dine in hell!!!!"?
- The other day Kay Bailey Hutchison popped on Rush Limbaugh's show on WBAP and thanked him for all that he "did for America." And to think I shook her hand at the old Decatur K-Bob's once.
- Other than maybe two people, I don't know the identity of any of the commenters on here who have Google IDs associated with them. But I do see a pattern: Someone posts a lot, gets bombarded with attacks, and then they go back to anonymous posting. Don't blame 'em.
- Tonya Harding is on The Today Show this morning promoting a new book. That poor girl's wheels are still off.
- Pic of Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen's yacht that Brad and Angelina just vacationed on in Monaco. I was on an Alumacraft with a 15 hp motor on Lake Bridgeport once.
- That crazy Six Flags commercial of the old lady laughing as she shines a light on the wall causing her cat to go nuts is funny.
- And I still laugh at the new/old Bill O'Reilly tape when he screams, "We'll do it live!!!!!"
- A multi-million verdict against Vioxx which was awarded by some crazy South Texas jury was overturned yesterday. That crying you heard last night was a guy was a lawyer who went from poor to rich to poor again because of a "contingency fee."
- I've had a 7 gram of fat frozen quesadilla for dinner for five straight days.
- Our Presidet honors fallen soldiers by giving up golf. Didn't he do a skit once where he looked for WMDs in his office?
- Megan Henderson "Hey, Now." (Thanks emailer and Frontburner)