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American Gangster

I love movies about the illegal drug trade. Blow. Scarface. Traffic. And the great documentary Cocaine Cowboys.

And I'd put American Gangster right up there with them. Except for the ending. This thing is "based on a true story" but I really haven't checked it out yet. But I find that hard to believe.

Spoiler Alert:

The last 20 minutes turns into a bad Law & Order episode. And, without ruining the ending, if you hypothetically believe a person can be a cop investigating a high level drug trade, then graduate from law school and become a prosecutor in the very same case, and then later on a defense lawyer for the guy he prosecuted, this movie is for you.


Anonymous said...

Do defense lawyers ever try to get urinalysis of undercover police?

taelrzs said...

This was a good movie, however I saw something on the history channel regarding the main charactor. While this is "based" on a true story, that's about it. Frank Lucas was apparently illiterate, uneducated and basically the polar oposite of how he is portrayed in the movie.

Silicone Alley said...

WOW..... What is this little box that pops up for my comment. I hate this little box.
I forgot what my original comment was for this post, I'm still in shock.

Anonymous said...

Cant decide if I like this pop up thing or not

lovelit said...

Why all the Law & Order hatin' lately? So it't not realistic...what show is? Besides, me loves me some Elliot Stabler.

AnObiter said...

Cynics die with a grimace on their face.

You should smile more often. ;) I loved this movie, and all of the "based on a true story" flicks take dramatic license for a 2 1/2 hour movie. Otherwise, we'd be reading your gripes about treadmilling to the movie for 2 weeks.

Tommy said...

Glad to see you mentioned Cocaine Cowboys in your list. That flick is great. A must see for sure. The sequel, Cocaine Cowboys 2 - Hustlin With The Godmother,is going to be even better. It focuses around Griselda Blanco, Rivi (the enforcer/hitman) and a character named Charles Cosby. There is an advance screening June 20, 2008 at the CineVegas Film Festival and this time around the documentary has worldwide distribution checkout for some pictures of Griselda Blanco and Charles Cosby, and a bunch of other info.