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Explain This To Me

I know nothing about this stuff so . . .

- What exactly is a "charter" school?
- What is a "private charter" school?
- How can a "private" school be "municipally operated"?
- Is the fact that its private mean that it charges tuition?
- Why, with a 1,000 high tone Trophy Club & Westlake kids on the waiting list, does the school want to add a bunch of Wise County kids to the waiting list?
- With a 1,000 people on a waiting list, why do you want to expand your geographic region anyway?
- And why is a private school limited in where it can get kids in the first place?

I know there are logical answers to these Tired Head questions, I just don't know them.


Anonymous said...

It is an educational institution registered {chartered} to operate under Texas education laws and TEA regulations. They have a paid board of regents rather than an elected school board. Usually a tuition is charged and higher salaries paid to staff and teachers in order to achieve higher academic standards than the average public school. Entrance requirements are also customarily very selective and large waiting lists do not mean that everyone on a list will be accepted. It is a benefit that our county has been added to their recruiting territory.

Anonymous said...

A Charter School is basically a state-funded private school. This is part of the strategy School Voucher proponents have used to allow students to go to any school they want and the state will pay for it. Charter Schools have been used as a compromise.

Anonymous said...

In this case, the school is a private, municipally-owned school because it was built and operated by the town of Westlake and not a school district. The town actually shares facilities with the school. I remember hearing recently that they're having money issues with respect to an expansion that they're ready to start. That might be why they're looking to expand their territory. It doesn't make much sense, but it's the only reason I can think of.

Anonymous said...

Private schools can "recruit" athletes. This school probably wants to be able to pick good athletes from some of these other communities in order to increase their notoriety, and good athletics is an excellent way to increase the public's awareness of your school.

Anonymous said...

Westlake is a public school that can serve any student in its state-approved "service area."

The school board is appointed. They are not paid.

Basically, it's a public school without an attendance zone.

They are recruiting students to fill a high school.

There is nothing "private" about it. That was a mistake in the newspaper.

Apple Polisher said...

I have no idea what the correct answers are, but the above answers are all over the map! Lots of rumor being spread there, folks!

Anonymous said...

10:38---Isn't it odd that you would get a lot of opinions and different views on a blog?

Anonymous said...

I worked in charter schools for the last three years as an administrator.

They do not charge tuition. The school boards are appointed but not paid. Salaries for teachers and administrators are normally significantly below Texas state average. In many cases, they are below state minimums. Last year, a teacher with 20+ years experience at my school made $35,000.

There are no entrance requirements since they exist on state money. They are PUBLIC schools--no private to it. The only time a student can be refused is if the charter school is full in that classroom or program.

Legally, at the beginning of the year you can reenroll students who attended last year. All other slots have to be given out by lottery (where students are chosen at random).

Anonymous said...

There is/was a westlake city employee who lived in the boyd school district and their kids were enrolled in the charter school when it opened. My guess is that they ran into some kind of snafu and are looking to remedy it by expanding the registration area, they did not have sports teams so this is probably not an athletic issue, but even if this is not because of the first issue it might be that westlake/southlake does not have enough kids that "need" to be in a charter school so they are looking for some without a silver spoon to balance their enrollment for the state auditors.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone even know what grade levels are included in this school? With 350+ kids it doesn't seem like it could include all grades. So I don't think athletics has anything to do with school.

Some charter schools do a good job - and some are pathetic. They must meet certain state standards or lose their charter. It gives some parents the means of getting their kids out of failing districts into better situations. I don't see how this applies in Southlake or Northwest.

Apple Polisher said...

10:38 here. BG asked 7 questions. 2 of them include the phrases "why do you want to" or "why does the school want to". Those 2 questions could produce answers that are correct, but varied. The other five questions are worded such that "a lot of opinions and different views" cannot be factually correct answers, having nothing to do with opinons or views. A dollar to a dime says you only vote for Dem Presidential candidates, and a dollar to 4 bits says you vote straight party ticket Democrat.

Anonymous said...

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rpm said...

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