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Final Cowboy Thoughts

- Anyone else think it's odd that "Closing Time" could be heard in the background after the game was over?
- Patrick Crayton is almost as bad as Roy Williams. Edit: Here is what I'm talking about.
- I thought about picking the Giants to win and doing a big post about it, but I didn't believe it would happen.
- I don't know if Wade Phillips is a good coach or not. But I kind of gave up on him after an interview on The Ticket right after the bye week. "What you do over the weekend, coach?" asked host Craig Miller. "Well, my wife and I went to a movie." "Really?" Miller said, "Which one?" Came Phillips response: "I don't remember the name of it but it wasn't very good.". . . . Huh? Don't remember the name?

Edit: The New York Post hired a Triple Fake Jessica Simpson to be in the stands yesterday. Finally found the picture . . .