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The Grand Jury Myth

There are few things as outdated as a grand jury.

In theory, any felony case must be "indicted" by a grand jury after they are presented with evidence that a crime probably occurred and the defendant probably did it. But in reality, the grand jury rarely hears any testimony but instead a summary of the case from the DA's office. And 99.9% of the time, the grand jury simply follows the prosecutors recommendation to either indict or "no bill" the case.

With that, comes the crazy story of Supreme Court Justice David Medina. He and his wife were indicted yesterday by a Harris County grand jury against the wishes of the prosecutor. So what does the prosecutor do today? He dismisses the indictment. There's nothing the grand jury can do to prevent that.

Most prosecutors would avoid that situation by simply not presenting the case to the grand jury at all. That's the typical way weak cases are killed. But it looks like the DA's office were after Justice Medina but then changed their minds a little too late.


wordkyle said...

Speaking of bogus indictments, what's the latest on Ronnie Earle and his prosecution of Tom Delay?

Earle had to impanel several grand juries to get an indictment. Delay is still awaiting trial over two years later.

Ronnie Earle recently announced he would not run again as Travis County District Attorney -- leaving the Delay mess for his successor to clean up.

Political indictments by district attorneys are as ubiquitous as Chinese government officials at a Clinton fundraiser.

Anonymous said...

HMMMMMMM, Medina is a Republican appointee. hmmmmmmmm.

Anonymous said...

How is the William Jefferson trial coming along? Ronnie Earle is the Mike Nifong of Texas.

Anonymous said...

All that Grand Jury BS started right here in Wise County. Subjective ruling by the DA has occurred even though the cases are STRONG ones WITH evidence. Evidence is just not presented to the Grand Jury and the DA's too weak because there is no evidence. Bunch of lies!

Anonymous said...

There they go again...trying to deflect attention from the case at hand on to other cases. How about addressing the blog subject - that this appointed Republican Supreme Court justice was indicted for a crime. You would suppose a trial before a judge or jury would sort out both sides and come to a verdict. In this case the prosecutor short-circuited the process by dismissing the case that he brought forward in the first place. This smacks more of political dealing than pursuit of justice.

As for Delay and Jefferson, I hope they both get their trial and get the appropriate justice.

Noevadeaux said...

Honestly, Wordbyle, do you REALLY think Medina and his wife didn't intentionally burn their house down? It smells like smoked fish to me.


"Harris County fire officials believe the June blaze, which destroyed the Medina home and a neighbor's house and did nearly $1 million in damage, was intentionally set. Their initial investigation focused on six people close to the justice, and was fueled by a trail of financial troubles for Mr. Medina's family.
In 2004, the Medinas failed to pay nearly $10,000 in county and school district taxes, resulting in a lien on their home. A year later, a mortgage company attempted to seize the couple's home, claiming they had not made a payment in four months. The suit was resolved out of court. The Medinas' home insurance policy had lapsed because of unpaid premiums."

Yep, I'm sure Medina thought he was smart enough to tamper with evidence. I can't really believe you consider it bogus. Tom Delay? I won't waste any more bandwidth on that idiot.

Geezzz man, get on the list for a brain transplant or something soon. You're killing me.

Anonymous said...

Novaducks, Thanks for not wasting anymore bandwidth on Ronnie Earle. Enough has been wasted on a non issue along with Travis County taxpayer money thanks to Ronnie Nifong Earle.

Newark Times said...

A grand jury will indict a ham sandwich.

wordkyle said...

Well, Noe, I've re-read my post and it doesn't say anything about Medina at all. It does comment on the political grandstanding Earle conducted for his Democrat masters.

Why, more than two years later, has the Delay case not come to trial?

There was plenty of bandwidth expended in condemning Delay when his indictment was in the headlines. Now that Ronnie Earle has delegated this unprosecuted "case" to his successor,it's in the headlines again. Maybe Earle will wind up in the same boat as Nifong. THAT would be justice.

Noe, it's too bad that my NOT commenting on something that you then argue against is killing you. Say hello to Bobby Fischer.

Noevadeaux said...

"Speaking of bogus indictments"...I love how you type stuff like that, and then slink back down in your hole, Wordbyle, and pop your pompous head up out of the sand to defend yourself. Why did you bother to comment? Why don't you tell us how you REALLY feel about Medina and his little situation? I dare ya! Do you discount the Fire Marshall? Probably.

I'm pretty sure if Bush could run for POTUS again, you'd be stoopid enough to vote for him. Cough, gack, barf.

unfatcat said...

Wordpyle, you slay me. How long are you going to defend your corrupt party on blog boards just so you can have a soapbox. Ronnie Earle was not the only one to have knowledge of Delay's nefarious underhanded dealings. It will eventually come to trial and when it does there will be a lot of conspiracies exposed. In the meantime STFU.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait for the Bushco indictments, myself.

Anonymous said...

Watch out all you liberal weenies. The Clinton Mafia has an FBI file on you and they ain't scared to use it. Just axe Eileen Wellstone, Paula Jones, Kathleen Willey, Juanita Broaddrick, Elizabeth Ward Gracen, Gennifer Flowers, Sally Perdue and Monica Lewinsky. Be scared, be very scared.

wordkyle said...

Our gracious Liberal host pointed out how grand jury indictments are supposed to work, and how this one didn't fit the bill.

I took the opportunity to comment on Earle's misuse of the grand jury system to get the result he wanted.

You geniuses don't address my point, instead you set up arguments I never made then "cleverly" attack your own creation. You keep playing with yourself like that and you'll go blind.

From the number of times my comments have "killed" or "slayed" you, you've gotten my hopes up. Our favorite gal Ann Coulter says unless Liberals are sputtering and spewing with rage, you're not arguing right. Since you're drowning us in your projectile spittle, I guess I'm doing it right.

Meanwhile, kittens, those who know me and read LLFTLDQ call me up and laugh at you knotheads (their word, not mine) who think you have me figured out. You're endlessly entertaining.