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No Big Deal

I was all excited when I saw this headline, but the story wasn't very exciting to me. A big corportation supports Phil King? No news there. But I do take exception to the story referring to King as "powerful."

And, as a public service announcement, King's opponent in the GOP primary will be Joe Tison. (Who, unfortunately, may have the worst campaign web site in the history of ever.)

Edit: The web site looks a lot better now.


Jarhead said...

Man, Barry. You really have it in for this guy, don't you?

I don't really know all that much about him, but it is amusing seeing you bash him every chance you get.

Carry on.

Anonymous said...

Maybe they just got that pitiful site up this morning.

Anonymous said...

Jarhead, it isnt that Barry has it out for him .. its that Phil King has it out for you. Lets get educated my pal and find out some facts. Not all republicans are good just because they got an R next to the name! We expect blind following from RIP & wordpile.

Anonymous said...

Looks like a goob.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Jar it is a well known fact that BG doesn't like Phil King.

The funny thing is they sorta look alike.

Anonymous said...

Phil King, Sir you are no..... oh well... know what I mean

Anonymous said...

Did you hear about the 2 off duty police in GA that were ambuhsed and killde today? Man that's sad. Wonder what they did to deserve that?

Anonymous said...

Has anyone else received the "push-poll" done by King supporters? My call started off in generalities then eventually got into the "did you know that...(King is really good & his opponent, Tison, is really bad).” I certainly hope the Tison supporters get busy highlighting the differences between the two candidates.

Jarhead said...


Easy, mad dog!

I was just making an observation. I never said that the bashing wasn't justified ~ I just notice that Barry posts about the guy alot in a negative light. Whether it's justified or not I don't really know, nor do I care. I just find it amusing.

Take a deep breath. There. Doesn't that feel better?

Anonymous said...

Jarhead, I am not mad dog, but I agree with Barry's remarks about King. His votes are with the big corporations and their money. He has consistently and blatantly lied about their support. It is NOT amusing as it affects us all in many ways. Just remember that your differences with the Liberal ways is not all that amusing to YOU.

I am trying to find some common ground with you and think that this must be it - WE BOTH hold our beliefs strongly.

Anonymous said...

Remember who one of the higher-ups is at AT&T - John Montford. Make that, former state senator, John Montford.

Anonymous said...

10:32 I don't know about you but, if I was headed into a well-known crime area I think I would have worn heavy protection.

Wonder if these police officers took that step?

Jarhead said...

10:51, you may be right about King. I honestly don't know. It is entirely possible that he is a shady, corporate puppet. Although I am conservative and abhor the "textbook" liberal views, I am not naive enough to believe that all Republicans are good and all Democrats are bad. There are many Republicans that I am embarassed to share a "common philosophy" with just as there are many Democrats I find charismatic and powerful.

Mr. King may well be a bad apple. My initial post has been misinterpreted to some degree, I think, to show disdain for Barry's dislike of the guy. This is not the message that I intended. I am just amused by the fact that he "has it in for him" just like my wife finds it amusing that I "have it in" for Oprah, the Clintons, Canadians in general and French Canadians specifically and James Carville.

We may have more common ground than you suspect.

Anonymous said...

If anyone thinks for a second that Phil King has any regard for Wise County, you are mistaken. King was willing to let power lines ruin some of the most valuable land in the county. When he realized they were about to lose that battle, he jumped to the other side and tried to convince us he was with us all along. Also,I don't think anyone who homeschools their kids should have any say in the public school system. I am very conservative but I just can't stand that guy.

Anonymous said...

Jarhead, you should do your homework on "do nothing" King.

Yep, Phil is powerful when he's out to get something to promote himself.

I am sick of looking at the guy.

wordkyle said...

anon 10:16 - You invoke MY name for your argument?

If you think I follow anyone blindly, then you need to "get educated" and "find out some facts."

Comments like yours make me favorably disposed toward those you oppose. Too bad I can't vote for him.

Anonymous said...

1st barrys not that ugly
2 phil only cares about you if you have a ton of money and i personaly think it os time for someone new in his seat and for tom craddick to be thrown out and someone new named as speaker of the house that actually cares about the great lone star state

Anonymous said...

Some places to start on researching Phil King

Try the Fox 4 News Report Paul Adrian did about the De-Regulations of Utility Companies that he supported so heavily. Then wonder why you are paying such high Utility Bills. My Electric Bill last month was over $400 for a home Approx 2500 Sq FT. In Kansas, where de-regulations hasn't occurred, a Person paid $125for his Electric Bill on a 4000 Sq Ft. Home.

What about his Unblinding Support of Tom Craddick?

Does anybody remeber his view on Global Warming? I think he calls it "Bad Science".

Visit the bi-partisan website and just get a quick review of Mr. King's contributions over the years. This should tell you a lot about his character.

Even Big Oil and Gas know what team he is playing for. They figured out that if they need a trial postponed that they knew they would loose in court, all they needed to do is hire Phil King during a Legislative Session to buy time postponing the inevidiable. Who was the Plaintiff you ask, Why it's his own Constituency here in Wise County seeking damages for negligence that cost a man his life. Legally, he was retained by the Industry Company, but ethically it was a payoff that Phil King was happy to oblidge.

All I know is that Parker County and Wise County needs to get off thier Butts and Vote against Phil King. The rest of our State is depending on it.

And the media had better start "educating" the voters again about Phil King as a reminder before the Primaries. The guy is a menace to Texas and an embarassment to Parker/Wise County.


Anonymous said...

Yes, 10:35 I have also received the push poll - last week. They draw you in, then hit you with that shotgun blast of questions about how great King Phil is. I hung up before it was over.
And that's not the first time one of his minions has called.