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Allow Me To Retort

The above screenshot is a portion of a prior blog I wrote back in April. I'm reposting it because a Tarrant County grand jury quietly declined to indict him yesterday. What's the phrase? "Which office do I go to to get my reputation back?"


Anonymous said...

So some child makes a claim and the prosecutors publicize the case. He says, "I didn't do it." However, the damage is done - to his business, and his reputation. Now the grand jury drops it. What is his recourse? Sue the kid? There could be something very wrong here.

Anonymous said...

He was charging his patients for a filling but giving them the Shocker.

Anonymous said...

boo hoo ... he probably did it anyways, so I don't feel particularly sorry for him.

Anonymous said...

Right, 8:01. They would never have indicted him and put his picture out with the story if he wasn't guilty. ?? Of course.

I think you've made Barry's point precisely.