Wheels Off [Edit: Moved To Top]

If you were watching Channel 5 this morning at 7:25 (when The Today Show cut to the local news break), you saw the wheels of KXAS news go flying completely off. I can't do it justice, but I did manage to TIVO it. I'll try to get it posted this evening.

Edit: Ok, I may have oversold this, but here it is. Note:

(1) I cut off the first 32 seconds of absolute complete dead air as KXAS scrambled to get on the air
(2) The very odd camera pan left, pan right beginning movement
(3) How they had the wrong graphic up as Tammy Dombeck took over
(4) The very shocked look of the anchor at the end as she is filmed removing her headset
(5) The dead air after the spot before the commercial begins.