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The World Series Brought To You By Taco Bell

I kind of watched a little bit of the World Series last night, but I was overcome by the hype of Taco Bell. The company has some type of promotional stunt where it will give away a free taco to everyone in America if someone steals a base. Fox kept reminding me. Over and over. . I saw an interview with the President of the company (or someone like that) in the stands, and they showed (and obviously staged) mic'd up Royce Clayton talking about it in the dug out.

Stop it.

But the promotion is genius. Yeah, you have to give away one crappy taco but, in exchange, your average overweight American - who can't possible say no to a Burrito Supreme with extra sour cream - has to come in your store to get it. And I bet the Taco Bells will be packed with people that will spend $2.00 on gas to get to a 59 cent free taco.

We'll find out. Get 'em free on October 3th 30th from 2 to 5 p.m.


Anonymous said...

Barry - I think you meant to say October 30th.

Anonymous said...

October 3rd, hmmmm do you mean November 3rd.

Anonymous said...

Get off of his back, he was just "Thinking outside the bun".

Anonymous said...

...Barry, you could have ranted about tacos without mentioning the "average overweight American".

..sheesh, would you even represent one?