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Random Haunted House Thoughts

I went to this Haunted House last night - probably the first time I've done that in 15 years. Observations:

- Man, there are a lot of people that like haunted houses
- And they are all young and can't stop texting to save their lives
- I invested in a "Speed Pass" (meaning pay more to bypass the line). I almost felt guilty about it, but it was worth every penny.
- I bet it took over 30 minutes to get through the entire presentation - maybe longer.
- Lots of walking down long corridors. If you didn't have someone in front of you, you had to feel your way through. Creepy.
- The production was top notch. Lots of people working very hard to make that thing go. Overall, it was great.
- Best surprise of the night was a 10 piece talented band you walked by about halfway through. It was kind of like a Zombie Blue Man Group that banged on a variety of objects. Very cool. Very good.
- They put you in a maze near the end. I don't think there was an exit. The lights come on after about five minutes and you are instructed to go to the then visible exit doors.
- Some of the rooms were like being at a rave with all the fog and lasers. (But, admittedly, I've never been to a rave.)
- The funniest part was at the end when you had to walk through a 20 foot tunnel that was being engulfed in soap suds.