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Random Haunted House Thoughts

I went to this Haunted House last night - probably the first time I've done that in 15 years. Observations:

- Man, there are a lot of people that like haunted houses
- And they are all young and can't stop texting to save their lives
- I invested in a "Speed Pass" (meaning pay more to bypass the line). I almost felt guilty about it, but it was worth every penny.
- I bet it took over 30 minutes to get through the entire presentation - maybe longer.
- Lots of walking down long corridors. If you didn't have someone in front of you, you had to feel your way through. Creepy.
- The production was top notch. Lots of people working very hard to make that thing go. Overall, it was great.
- Best surprise of the night was a 10 piece talented band you walked by about halfway through. It was kind of like a Zombie Blue Man Group that banged on a variety of objects. Very cool. Very good.
- They put you in a maze near the end. I don't think there was an exit. The lights come on after about five minutes and you are instructed to go to the then visible exit doors.
- Some of the rooms were like being at a rave with all the fog and lasers. (But, admittedly, I've never been to a rave.)
- The funniest part was at the end when you had to walk through a 20 foot tunnel that was being engulfed in soap suds.


Anonymous said...

I love that I don't have to go to haunted houses anymore. The bane of dating/single existence this time of the year.

Anonymous said...

Went to that Haunted House with a group from Wise Co, which included Eric Rosenstrom, who was the Crime Scene guy for the S.O. He is now wanted for murder and even made it on America's Most Wanted!!

Anonymous said...

That scares me even to read about it. Being scared has never been entertaining to me, even as a child.

But it sounds like it was great for those that loved to be scared.

You're a brave man, Barry. :>)

Anonymous said...

I'm sure some of us hope you wet your pants.

Anonymous said...

You only posted 1 thing this weekend and im BORED OUT OF MY MIND

Anonymous said...

OMGosh I can't believe you, of all people, went to a haunted house! WOW!

Anonymous said...

We should all leave BG alone and....... - let him enjoy his middle aged antics....... :-)

..check out the Halloween yard display across from Jones Family Funeral Home in Bridgeport - the house is owned by J. K. Cortez., a neat display of a skeleton head with three ghosts coming out of it.

..I am kinda glad it didn't show up on the lawn of the funeral home, but a lonely big pumpkin sits there crouched against the iron fence.