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Channel 5 Is Awful

Just noticed that Channel 5 is reporting that a Watauga dentist accused of touching a patient has been no-billed by the grand jury.

Heck, even I posted that news on September 15, 2007 after I saw it in the Star-Telegram. And doesn't KXAS and the Star-Telegram have some type of news partnership?


Anonymous said...

What happened to you and the blonde Mexican chick you brought back from Cabo ? Too many posts about Messsicans ? It was a much better picture.

Anonymous said...

Newsflash! O.J. was acquitted of double homocide!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Newsflush: Klingons spotted circling around Uranus!!

Anonymous said...

My momma always said that I better behave cause news travels faster in Decatur than anywhere else in the whole world. My momma always told the truth. Thanks for provin my momma right Bubba Barry.


Anonymous said...

Just another example of the fact that tv newspeople are not journalists. (Unfortunately, neither are the rest of nowadays journalists, either.)