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Speaking Of Kids

The City of Dallas begins wasting taxpayer money today by posting billboards across town encouraging youths to pull up their baggy pants. I sooooooo wish I had a picture, but Fox 4 tells me the slogans will be these:
  • “Don’t Be Lame, Elevate Your Game”
  • “Represent Yourself Like You Present Yourself”
  • “That’s Not Hip-Hop That’s Flip Flop.”
You gotta be kidding.


Atticus said...

Well that should fix that problem. What is next?

Anonymous said...

Where are the parents of these kids? Give me a break!!!

Marky Mark and the funky bunch said...

"If you let them pants sag, you're a major league fag."

"Pull up those drawers or you won't get no whores"

"Have some class ~ cover that ass"!!

"If that crack be a-showin', the women won't be a-ho'in"

"For Christ's sake could you cover yourself"?

mzchief said...

How about;
"Pull UP your pants. Every time you are caught with your pants down you will be fined $50.00 and sent to the Alternative Campus until your fines are paid and your pants are UP."

Anonymous said...

Did you also see where that pastor was putting gas in his auto at a gas station and yelled at some kid to pull his pants up. The kid reached in his pocket, pulled out a gun, loaded a clip and walked toward the pastor?

I'm just sayin......

Anonymous said...

Don't be black, cover your crack.

Anonymous said...

I'm putting up billboards in Wise County with the following:

"No tight jeans if you're over 130lbs."

"Your not a cowboy, give up with the Wranglers, poser."

"Muffintops are an abominated unto the Lord."

Anonymous said...

To bad the pastor didn't have a gun a shot the kid in self defense. That folks is how the West was won.

We all need to go back to wearing guns and the guilty are hung on the court house square.

Johnnie Cochrane (posting from hell) said...

"If the pants don't fit, you must quit."

Anonymous said...

Lucky Dallas, your tax dollars at work. I'm sure the success of this policy will spread like wildfire through the country and turn all those kids into white Baptists. Can I get an Amen?

Anonymous said...

Such an f'in joke.

Another example of adults attempting to relate to youths. That is so lame, the kids will see right through it. They are smarter than all you think.

Before someone suggests it, I'm not a kid....I'm 29....I just remember how much I would roll my eyes as a teen when some adult tried to relate to me.

Teens don't want adults trying to relate to them with what adults perceive as "hip" slogans. Teens want adults to talk to them like adults, even if the teens don't act like adults. It's all part of the developmental process.

The pants problem should be dealt with in an adult manner. Fine the sh#t out of them. They'll figure it out real quick.

Anonymous said...

If you dress like a nagger, you'll get a two bagger

Anonymous said...

Real life in the United States of Hysteria:

When the majority of the people do the wrong thing, it becomes the right thing. Examples:

1)Smoking was widely accepted as OK when most men did it and women kept to themselves. Now of course it is demonized with an irrational hysteria and taxed, taxed, taxed. Not saying smoking is a good thing but compared with all the pollution associated with other excesses(SUV's, plastic manufacture, cosmetics/hair spray/ perfume, electric generation required to rot your mind in front of a TV, etc.) it doesn't warrant the attention.

2)Obesity-- used to be frowned on as unhealthy and symptomatic of excess. Fast forward to 2007-- with a majority of Americans overweight it is accepted as normal in spite of all evidence of it's destruction. (And yes, you can thank the TV for encouraging you to sit on your ass and eat)

3)Several studies clearly show talking on a phone while driving impairs people more than .08 BA. Yet the majority of people conveniently ignore this fact.

My point: Leave the idiots alone with poor fashion sense. Show your disapproval by not participating, but prohibition seldom works on young people. If the trend continues anyway it will soon enough become OK by virtue of majority consensus. Then we will finally become a nation of fatasses driving down the road in an SUV while talking on the phone, with our underwear hanging out. But by golly, we won't be smoking.

mzchief said...

To 8:29...
I have a fairly good idea from of your ORRIFICES you pulled that bundle of BS you are representing as factual.

1. Smoking was ENCOURAGED even until the 1950's as a means to calm nerves. During WWII a pack of cigarettes was included in EVERY troop's daily field rations whether the troop smoked or not. It was not until the 1980's, twenty years after scientists discovered a link between cigarette smoking and cancer, that laws were passed requiring restaurants to provide a "No Smoking Area." With more than 400,000 deaths each year in the U.S. attributed to tobacco use I do not believe there has been an "irrational hysteria" in response to the danger of tobacco use.

2. Until the 1920's it was FASHIONABLE for people to be overweight. During the early part of the 1900's being obese was an indication of wealth and the ability to afford excess. In the 1950's and early 60's pie wagons like Marilyn Monroe were considered sex symbols. Currently, obesity is seen as the health risk it presents which is why even fast food restaurants are offering lower calorie options on their menus. In 2000, for the first time in the history of insurance coverage, several national insurance companies provide coverage for weight management care provided by a doctor and gyms associated with hospital rehab facilities.

3. Please provide a link to where ANY ONE of the "Several studies clearly show talking on a phone while driving impairs people more than .08 BA." upon which you base your assertion. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) distracted drivers are the number one cause of auto accidents in the U.S. but do NOT list talking on a cell phone among the top SIX distractions. As a matter of fact talking on the cell phone is ONLY mentioned as a side note.

Based upon the MISINFORMATION used in your thought process you might like to give thinking a wee bit more practice prior to ATTEMPTING to belittle and demean the opinions of others.