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Former Boyd Football Star In Hot Water

Tremendous thanks to a reader for pointing this out to me:

TUSCOLA, TX -- A popular English teacher has been placed on paid leave -- and faces possible criminal charges -- after a student's parents complained to police that a ninth-grade class reading list contained a book about a murderer who has sex with his victims' bodies.

Kaleb Tierce, 25, is being investigated for allegedly distributing harmful material to a minor after the student selected Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist Cormac McCarthy's Child of God off the list and read it.

Rest of the story here. (And the Abilene paper has a lengthy story, with comments, here.)

But, how silly. The story even says the case will be turned over to the DA for possible criminal prosecution. I don't think there is a chance in the world it could happen, but West Texas sure seems very back woods all of a sudden.