The Campaign For DA



So I'm sitting here watching the Cowboy game when I see this. With two interceptions, perhaps that is what he is feeling.

(Admittedly, the pic is a little blurry.)

Edit: Make that four interceptions (at this point). But Dallas will win this one anyway. That's a bad Bills' offense.

Edit: Now it's 10:59 p.m. Holy cow. Folk just mad a field goal for the win but Buffalo called a time out at the last second. Let's do it again. Holy crap! He did it again. Cowboys win.

Edit: When I wake up tomorrow, I think I'll decide that was one of the craziest Cowboy games ever.

Edit: If you didn't see it, the last part of the game (some 19 real minutes) is on Google video. But it won't be there for long.

Edit: A less than 3 minute clip (that cuts out all the commercials) is here.

Edit: What's up with the sign of The Evil Empire?