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Rejecting what my audience wants once again (Wise County gossip and scantily clad women), let me digress.

For those that know me, I'm a stadium fan. Not necessarily a fan of teams, but stadiums. I like to go them, I like to experience them. So far, I've been lucky enough to attend an actual game in the following places:

College Football
University of Texas
Texas A&M
U. of Michigan
U. of Tennessee
U. of Georgia
U. of Florida
U. of Oklahoma
U. of Alabama
Rose Bowl (Texas v. Michigan)
Holiday Bowl in San Diego (Tech v. California)
Sugar Bowl (Alabama v. Miami in a National Championship game)
Throw away: Baylor, TCU, and SMU

Baseball Stadiums:
Arizona Diamondbacks
Seattle Mariners
Oakland Athletics
Boston Red Sox
New York Yankees
Obvious: Texas Rangers (both stadiums)

Pro Football:
Tennessee Titans
Atlanta Falcons
Cowboys (both at Texas Stadium and the Cotton Bowl. Lord, I'm old.)
Jacksonville Jaguars

Anyway, on my list to see is a night game at LSU. For those interested, someone shot about a minute of video from the end zone at last week's game against Florida. See it here. I've never seen a crowd like that.

And, to add to that, this guy was in that same stadium on Saturday. He, sir, is the master of the "call back joke."


Anonymous said...

Went to college there. That is the student section next to the band. Nothing better...And, if you get brave you can run in the annual Ramp Romp (race up and down the stadium ramps). It will be unlike any race you have ever attempted.

Anonymous said...

If you are ever in the Northeast and have the chance, attend a game at Harvard. No, it's not the same football experience you get in the South but the history of the venue is something to experience.

Anonymous said...

Good list. Notre Dame is a good one to have on a wish list, just all the history of it. One experience that is pretty great is to go to Ole Miss when an SEC rival is in town (Bama, LSU, etc.). Get there plenty early and wander through the grove, etc., then the game and when it's done you'll feel like it was one of the best college football days you've ever had.

Anonymous said...

what's a "call back joke"?

Gorilla said...

The "Don't Taze Me, Bro" costume guy is flashing the shocker. Greatness.

Anonymous said...

You need to check out a hockey game. Its the only sport I truly enjoy attending in person rather than watch on TV.

Double Fake Mike Madano

Anonymous said...

You haven't been to a UNT game? Geezzzzz...