Sneak Preview and A Random Newspaper Thought

The Messenger has a pretty good front page pic tomorrow of a child being rescued from a car during the thunderstorms. I doubt if the kid was ever in danger, but the angle of the pic makes it look pretty dramatic. I dog the Messenger all the time, but it's a really good newspaper for a small community. And photographer Joe Duty is one of the big reasons. And they've responded to the Internet age in dramatic fashion. Back in 1997, publisher Roy Eaton (who I think is both annoyed and amused by me) gave me permission to republish the Messenger's Update online since the paper didn't have a web site. So every night (yep, at the end of the day), I'd scan in the Update and convert it to text in a horrible "OCR" program. (I'd spend 30 minutes looking for errors.) I was just trying to call attention to www.wisecounty.com for a reason I still hadn't figured out. I'm still working on that.