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Texas A&M's 2007 Football Schedule

Miami might get lucky since the Aggies will be worried about the next game.


Kingfish said...


They haven't won in the Hubaplex since 1993.

Anonymous said...

Oklahoma State is the lucky one because the Ags will be worried about playing on the road the next week against Tech. Tech always cheats in Lubbock.

Anonymous said...

i'm pretty sure we BTHO baylor! WHOOP! that's right, be scared

Kingfish said...

That is one way to look at it. Still another could be the avalanche of points the A&M defense gives up against Tech. But you might be right if not having receivers covered is cheating.

Last two times in Lubbock it was 56-17 and 59-28. A&M's only win in the last 6 years was in overtime three years ago. Got to give the Aggies credit for something, they seem to do less with more every year.


Anonymous said...

At least the Aggies beat the defending National Champs in their own home!!!! I don't know what happened to the other big 12 teams. Maybe they will have better luck next year!!!

ellis said...

if you didn't win a bunch of $ on a&m's bowl game this year, you were STUPID!!!!
to think that they were pitted against Cal. that my friend wasw a no brainer. who did 'nt see that coming?
Cal vs a&m ? hahahaha!!

Anonymous said...

big 12 pretty much sucked this year. all of them . no match for pac 10

Shane Rollins said...

Don't overlook my hometown Fresno St Bulldogs. This year was a fluke of players believing their own hype. Be careful, see what they've done to other big name schools over the last few years.

I look forward to the last game of the year, it's comforting to know the Aggies won't try to bull that cheap shot bull in Austin.

Hook em

Anonymous said...

Howdy to all those Paradise Ag's reading this blog in get back to studying!

Love you and Gig'em!