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Car Agony

Weird. I got in my car this morning and turned the key and got nothing. Dead. Not a noise. Not even a click. Then 15 seconds later (with the key know stuck in the ignition), I at least get a slight surge of electricity. I turn the key and it starts. Amazingly, it started the rest of the day, but I hate the feeling of not being 100% sure that your car will start. And it's not a good sign that my temperature gauge showed it was 45 degrees outside today. Something aint' right. [Edit: Sheesh. Weatherman Ron Jackson just told me from my TV screen that the temperature didn't get out of the 40s today. It didn't seem that cold.]


cj said...

Nice Blog!

Anonymous said...

To the shop you need to go! It will be your luck to break down next to that nazi van, wherever it might be.

Anonymous said...

Same thing happened to Deniro's car in "Casino" , hope you got a Cadillac with that extra steel plate under the seat instead of some foreign car.