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I Love The "Jeers and Cheers" . . .

. . . in the Star Telegram every Saturday - although the Jeers are more entertaining than the Cheers.


Gorilla said...

Jeers to anyone that puts anything other than one's name and business contact info in their signature line.

Work is not the place to let everyone know about your personal beliefs.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Cheers to Barry Green for the term "Nazi Van" . Verbage will never be the same!

Anonymous said...

2:09 says : i didn't say yep to 1:36, i said yep to the original post.
gorilla is a dip shit. when is it illegal to let someone know about your personal beliefs? i didn't know you had to keep them secret.

mzchief said...

Here are a FEW examples as to WHY it is INAPPROPRIATE for people to promulgate THEIR PERSONAL beliefs in a PROFESSIONAL/WORK environment.

"Praise Allah"
"Mohammed is my Master"
"Gay Love is Great"
"Satan Rules"
"Goddess is Love"
"Buddha is Best"
"Abolish Religion"
"I Like it Hot and Sweaty"

EVERY one of the above PERSONAL beliefs would OFFEND someone if they were foisted upon them by a co-worker in a PROFESSIONAL/WORK environment.

The above "beliefs" were used purely for the purpose of example and are NOT intended to reflect the PERSONAL beliefs of mzchief.

Anonymous said...

In God we ask..Please shut up MzCreep!

Anonymous said...

In todays world, everyone gets offended about everything. People need to loosen up.