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The Privates Will Be The Downfall Of Society

Full story. Dallas Morning News has better coverage. It seems like it was part of the Dateline "To Catch A Predator" sting.


Anonymous said...

Another corrupt DA! (Bet he was a church goer too!)

Anonymous said...

Yea, he was human. Maybe he went to chuch, maybe he didn't. I don't know.

We all sin. We are all sinners. That's why Jesus died on the cross.

He knew we would not be perfect. And boy was he right. But you need to remember, the Bible states, one sin is no worse than another.

Anonymous said...

very sad....after looking at the Perverted-Justice page...looks like the Murphy community was very angry for Dateline and Perverted-Justice coming in....because they didn't have that problem there!?!? Wow....I want to live there....because I thought ALL communities had that

Anonymous said...

Sad for the guy's family. Suicide for any reason is painful.

Maybe this will help send a message to law enforcement folks to keep their "privates" in check.

What ever happened to folks setting a good example?

Few do.

Anonymous said...

My first reaction ?? He was a child predator AND an attorney -- GOOD RIDENCE!

Anonymous said...

The grown men that want to meet up w/ 13-year-olds for sex will be the downfall of society.

Anonymous said...

This Thursday night..(nov 9) watch news on CW 33 at NINE oclock. Short story on Wise Co (including DA) in beginning of the hour...and more to follow later in the hour. Pass the word!