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There's a chance that Decatur might make an appearance in the Borat movie that is getting rave reviews. Over a year ago, I mentioned that the Dallas Morning News had reported that "Ali G" (Borat's alter ego) was seen "trying to hitch a ride to Decatur". A commenter today claimed to have seen the movie and that Borat was holding a sign that had "Decatur" on it. I hope so. I found this tiny picture from the movie, but it doesn't look like Decatur is on the sign (although it's hard to tell.)


Anonymous said...

I can vouch... we saw Borat on Friday, and yes, he holds a Decatur sign (happens sometime after he leaves Dallas). It was a very short, random scene that caught my attention, being from Decatur.

EBERT said...

He was looking for Sheehans cheap tampons !

mzchief said...


According to IMDb NO part of Borat was filmed in Texas. Borat was filmed in:
Los Angeles, California, USA
Manhattan, New York City, New York, USA
Moroieni, Romania
Roanoke, Virginia, USA

Anonymous said...

Once again mzchief thinks IMDB is gospel. That information is filled in by users, not actual people working on the movie.

Borat has parts filmed in Dallas, including being pulled over by a Dallas cop on Commerce Street and he was at the Adolphus Hotel.

Reuters is calling with your knack for accuracy!

Anonymous said...

6:42 - Where the Hell is the link proving you have a f*cking clue and aren't just pulling shit out of your ass?

Anonymous said...

There are deleted scenes on youtube showing him being pulled over by Dallas Cops and at the Denton Animal Shelter. He was reported seen at a garage sell in Dallas and in the movie when he is at the garage sell the sign in the yard has a 469 area code.

Anonymous said...

A film can feature Decatur without being filmed in Decatur. In the background on some shots in "Biloxi Blues", you can see mountains. No mountains on the Mississippi Coast. MASH was not filmed in Korea. Dallas was Detroit in Robocop. Tom Hanks was not really on an uncharted island in the middle of the South Pacific. And on and on. Anybody out there think Friday Night Lights is filmed in Odessa. I mean, isn't it obvious based on the characters and how they totally do not represent the population of West Texas?

Anonymous said...

They made it look like we landed on the moon so I am sure they can make it like Borat was in Decatur, or that he even exist at all, computers can do some weird stuff.