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There Is Some Stuff In Life That Only I Like

And the British version of The Office is one of them. 45 second clip here where the the group is having a motivational meeting.


Anonymous said...

You are right.

Anonymous said...

greatest episode they did...hands down. Based on factors. She's dead. She's not dead.

oldphilosopher said...

I screwed alot of Indians twice. Is that the same thing ?

Anonymous said...

Barry, you are definitely NOT the only one liking the British version. The whole reason the states have the show (as with so many other copy cat shows) is because they are such great shows and huge hits in England. British humor is great! You have to have a more tuned in wit to get it sometimes though. I love it!

Anonymous said...

How can you know about original British version of The Office and not know anything about Sasha Baron Cohen's Ali G/Borat characters? Hurrr

Think Frustrated said...

I think I'm with you. I love the US version, but the UK version is much more sublte. The reason people don't like either version is that you have to pay attention and catch the joke because they are so quick and fleeting, but hilarious. The absence of a laugh track is also a reason it's so good.

You should have linked the scene where Tim and Dawn are asking Gareth about the military, while making him say homosexual things without knowing it:

"So, being a military man, is it possible to give another man a 'death blow?'"

"Yeah. I mean, if I was forced to."

" you use your hole as bait?"