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Little Glass Houses For You and Me

The sex scandal involving Pastor Ted Haggard broke this week. He first denied any impropriety, then admitted buying meth from a "homosexual" but not using it, then the church's elders announced that he had engaged in sexual impropriety, and then he admitted as much in a letter read to his mega-church this morning. I had never heard of this guy until three days ago. But this clip from a movie called "Jesus Camp" is now pretty interesting.


Anonymous said...

JC's been on my Netflix list for a while. I probably won't be able to make myself watch it. Blleeecchhhh!

Anonymous said...

Just another hypocritical Elmer Gantry preacher. Anyone wonder why they so mesmerize their non-thinking sheep-like followers?

Anonymous said...

I have to laugh. I bet all those non-thinking sheep-like followers are blaming all this on the "devil." The "devil" made him do it! He didn't know what he was doing!