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One Final "To Catch A Predator Post"

Some neighbors of the prosecutor, Bill Conradt, that killed himself, instead of being exposed for being caught in an Internet Sting operation, snapped the top photo shortly before it happened. If I had to guess, that looks like Chris Hansen of Dateline NBC's "To Catch A Predator" in the first picture in the black shirt and brown pants. (That's him in the second photo from the show.) And the final picture is of a man who probably would be alive today if the police had simply gone to his office and said, "we need to talk to you." Fox 4 reported that the cops and Dateline only went to the prosecutor's house after he failed to show up at the bait house in Murphy, Texas. Nice. Edit: And the Murphy Police Department issues a press release regarding the sting operation and, while pounding its collective chests, lists the name of all of those implicated. So how do they handle the delicate issue of the suicide? They put Conradt's name on the list without any reference to his needless death. Once again, nice.