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The Today Show had a brief return appearance of Borat this morning after "his" movie was #1 at the box office (and I sooooo want to see it.) Anyway, and exuberant Borat grabs Matt Lauer and says, "Matt, I want to celebrate tonight, do you know name of good prostitute?"


mzchief said...

This movie is just SOOOOO WRONG! You CRINGE when you laugh at the ahhhh...uhhhh... JOKES.

Note to those of high-brow humour....YOU will NOT like this movie.

Anonymous said...

Matt responded "Txsheehan" .

Anonymous said...

Hey Barry, didn't you say he was spotted in Wise County? In the movie while hitch hiking he is holding a sign that reads Decatur.

Anonymous said...

Shut up, Mzchief

Anonymous said...

Do you think Borat's schlong is bigger than Matt's ?