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Dallas County looks like it has officially turned Democratic. Results here. If you look at the gazillion of county wide judicial elections, the margin of victory in race after race is 50.5% (Democrat) to 49.5% (Republican). It is an absolute Republican Judge Blood Bath. Edit: It changed to 52% to 48% when all votes were counted. This is truly the big news tonight. (Although the local media spends most of its time on the Governor's race which was never a race at all).


Anonymous said...

One city at a time, we'll get there eventually. Wise County, on the other hand, is more than 15 years behind politically.

Anonymous said...

Did the Republicans pay Friedman and Strayhorn?

goober said...

The real question is "Are the Texas Republicans smart enough to see the tide changing?" (See Dallas County)

Anonymous said...

Wise County is stone-age. These people deserve the county they've made. Let them all drink contaminated water.

They're all so brain damaged no concoction of chemicals is going to make it any worse.

Anonymous said...

Wow! A bunch of rather nasty comments on the intelligence of Wise Co voters! Do you think there's any hope that more will see the light?

oldphilosopher said...

As a 4th and 5th generation Wise Countian, I feel a bit compelled to reflect on all the nasty, anti-Wise County comments, as well as all this political nastiness in general. It strikes me as particularly ironic that most of the "people who live in Wise County are dumbasses" comments come from ..... people who live in Wise County.

I've been in other parts as well as these parts, and I've seen a lot. I have to tell you, folks here are no dumber or smarter than elsewhere. And as far as "corruption" goes, we've WAY less of it in Wise County than it other places I've seen. And trust me, I'm well aware of corruption and scandals in Wise County. But (a) some of the accusations around here are just sour grapes, and (b) many of you who complain about so-called "corruption" in Wise County have NO IDEA what it is like in other counties. None. Further, the very rivalries that divide Wise County actually serve as checks and balances. Hence the fact that there is no one in Wise County who approaches the definition of a "political boss". For every person of influence, there are too many of us who don't trust them.

Wise County may look very Republican right now, but half the office-holders are just party-switchers of no particular allegiance, who are currently Republican for convenience. And that's not necessarily a bad thing. The single most motivating factor in Wise County politics is pragmatism. We could all use a little more of that and a little less of the chest-beating idealogues.

I'm not in politics, myself. And my own family is politically divided. I've never voted a straight ticket in my life. I've held Barry Goldwater and Jimmy Carter in equal esteem simply because they both said and did what they thought was right, despite the political consequences. Didn't agree with either of them much of the time, but they didn't sell their principles.

My suggestion is that we all take this time to reflect on healing, on the essential nature of respect, and on being a little nicer to each other. And I've been guilty myself, of getting a bit worked up. (I believe, for example, I once responded to Collectionsite by calling him a "scumbag", for which I heartily apologize.)

The forces of history are inexorable. They turn the wheel. One of those forces is the pricipal that Power Corrupts. And corruption of power instigates resentment and political reversal. It's happened to both parties before. It will happen again. But we're all Americans, here.

And more importantly, we're all neighbors.

oldphilosopher said...

CORRECTION: Apology mistake. It wasn't Collectionsite I called a "scumbag" (sorry about that). It was Wordkyle. And ... sorry about that. So, Wordkyle, my apologies.

trappedinchico said...

oldphilosopher, nice try. I've lived in multiple county, cities, and states over my lifetime. I moved to Wise County because of the fond memories I have of the grasslands growing.

Let me just say that now I realize I was an idiot as a child, and rose-colored memories will bide their time to be able to stab you in the back and then mutilate your corpse later.

It has been an absolute disaster living in this county. There is no need for a political boss because the people here do a good job performing that role as a mass entity. It is living proof that people becoming even bigger morons in large groups. I'm sure someone will respond with the withering assault of "Well you're not from here, you don't know how it is! Leave if you don't like it!" I'm glad I don't, and I'm glad I'm not. You can't sustain an indigenous population through inbreeding and mass indoctrination. Ask Jim Jones. Good riddance to the old guard of this county. The sooner this place gets a Draino enema, the better. As for leaving, I'd love to. But I have more integrity (who are Wise County natives, by the way) than the people than "helped" me into my house. I will not sell it without full disclosure (which is something those honest Wise County people found too bothersome to attempt). Most people don't want land and a home that turns into a lake for a few months out of the year.

Power does truly corrupt, and it is why I voted to oust every single incumbent save one I could in this county. But they still remain, more entrenched than ever. Why exactly would you vote (for example) these county commissioners that publicly threw Kay Swaim under the bus, and will turn around and give her (Republican) replacement everything she needs and more? Then they will gloat on how good of a job she is doing.

I'm not a Republican, I'm not a Democrat. I'm anti-dumbass. I am against people getting comfortable in their positions. People need their cages rattled, especially those in government. Reading these posts of people wailing in the streets and already starting to blame the sun and the moon shows me both parties and especially their supporters are too far gone to save.

Anonymous said...

seems if you don't agree with someone you're a backwoods, redneck dumbass.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:49
It will not matter. Wise County is slowly being taken over by well educated professionals, minorities and liberals. Given time we will simply out number you.

Anonymous said...

"It will not matter. Wise County is slowly being taken over by well educated professionals, minorities and liberals. Given time we will simply out number you."

2:06 PM

Except for the well educated professionals part you're right. It is already true in Dallas Co. The honkeys are on the way out all over Texas.

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:08
Who the Hell do think is buying the $500,000 homes in Boyd and Aurora? Last I checked you have to make more then the Wise County average income to afford such a house. If when you say “honkeys” means all the white trash are leaving, well it is about time.

Anonymous said...

The term "white trash" can be applied to any white person, regardless of how much money they have. Believe me...I know, some of the worst "white trash" in Wise Co. have plenty of money.

2:06 I agree.

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:35
You are correct.