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I Love Free Speech Cases . . .

. . . and so does the Supreme Court who agreed to hear this case today. Quick facts: The Olympic torch was to pass in front of a school in Alaska. The school released the kids from class to watch the event, and one kid, a trouble maker after my own heart, decides to unfurl a "Bong Hits 4 Jesus" banner on the other side of the street - land that is off of school property. He is suspended (and this is the critical fact) because of the content of the banner (and for no other reason). To make matters worse, the school principal actually crossed the street and crumpled up the banner. He sues. The Supreme Court has now decided to determine whether his free speech rights were violated. Here's an interesting note: The school district is being represented for free by Kenneth Starr, the nutcase who was in charge of the Clinton impeachment. At least we now have a little insight into the man who was willing to waste millions of your tax dollars. Edit: A "cooling off" period has been declared for the comments. And, folks, can we tone down the language? (And, no, it's not censorship since I'm not a governmental entity.) Play nice.