The Campaign For DA


"Wintery Mix"

Get ready for the following on the local news: a reporter standing by a highway, trucks being loaded with sand, trucks spreading sand, interviews with the guy in charge of the trucks with sand, driving tips, being told to steer into the direction of the skid 500 times, "it feels like [x] degrees if you factor in the wind chill", the homeless, the danger of space heaters, checking on the elderly, school closing, school delays, the difference between sleet, snow and freezing rain, footage of past car wrecks, the footage of an actual wreck taking place, the effect on home heating bills, the importance of wearing "layers of clothes", "don't venture out unless you have to," the use of the phrase "essential personnel", a reporter in Parker County, a reporter in Decatur, Troy Dungan and Pete Delkes holding each other to keep warm, footage of kids playing in the snow, a close up of a tire spinning, the phrase "bridges and overpasses" . . . .