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Thou Shalt Not Flaunt The Law

It looks like a small county in Florida has just erected the 10 Commandments on the courthouse steps. Last January, when the decision was made to install the monument, the county attorney promised to represent the county for free if any legal challenges were filed. Although he no longer is the county attorney, he promises to keep his word. He better get ready. Story here.


Anonymous said...

Someone alert the NAACP that there is a county in Florida named Dixie.

Anonymous said...

If folks could just see this as respect for God and His universal laws.

With all the corruption with our lawmakers in Washington, perhaps somebody should pass a law that each one of them place a copy of the Ten Commandments in each of their offices.

Anonymous said...

CHEERS to Florida and CHEERS to Dixie :)

Lets get our Commissioners Court to pass some resolutions or what ever and follow there lead?

Do I hear a "Hell Ya" or Heavens No?

Anonymous said...

5:10 - "Heaven's NO".....

...that court is gonna have plenty of headaches without a bunch of evangelicals storming the courtroom.

greta said...

LOL 4:47

The Ten Commandments are basic life rules that everyone should follow, whether in religious belief or not.

Anonymous said...

Good thoughts 6:04 - the "Thou Shalt Not Flaunt The Law" -

....such an interesting perception.

...evangelical lawyers should be really screwed up on this one.


Anonymous said...

Some people just don't get it. The commandments (can you actually name them?) are basic life rules. They also exist in various forms in several other religions. Unless you're willing to post all of them on our public buildings, you can't post any of them. It's the law.