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Decatur's Trevor Brazile

. . . has made a train load of money this year as the NFR is set to begin.


Anonymous said...

Wise County does excel in the cowboy career category. Mike Lee, Trevor - who else lives there (retired or otherWISE) that enjoys such success? Please list Montague County Cowboys too, if you want. I'm sure there's a pretty impressive list between the two counties.

Anonymous said...

Roy Cooper, Larry Mahan, Paulo Crimber, Ross Johnson, Guilherme Marchi (just moved)

Anonymous said...

Cool - did ya'll watch "Rank" on cable - I think it was on one of the indie channels, was about Justin McBride, but Mike Lee won that year in the PBR.

Don't forget Tuff.

I'm more familiar with bull riders than all-rounds, but am proud and happy for them all.

Anonymous said...

Boy you should be proud of yer self. yeehaw!